What does LDA compliant mean?

What does LDA compliant mean?

LDA Compliance is where Alcohol advertising (beers, wines, spirits, liquors) should only be placed where 71.6% of audiences is reasonably expected to be of legal purchase age which is (numbers of persons 21 and older, and persons under 21).

What is discus compliance?

Through these voluntary provisions, DISCUS members hold themselves to a standard higher than mandated by any law or regulation. By this Code, DISCUS members hold all of their beverage alcohol products — distilled spirits, beer and wine — to the same high standard.

What is a discus code?

The DISCUS Code applies to all activities in the United States undertaken to advertise and market distilled spirits, as well as beer and wine brands marketed by DISCUS members. The Code also covers the advertising and marketing of distilled spirits brands of non-DISCUS members.

Can a Secretary of State write a regulation under the LDA?

The LDA does not provide the Secretary or the Clerk with the authority to write substantive regulations or issue definitive opinions on the interpretation of the law. The Secretary and Clerk have, from time to time, jointly issued written guidance on the registration and reporting requirements.

Who is a covered executive branch official under the LDA?

The application of coverage of 2 U.S.C. § 1602 (3) (who is a covered Executive Branch official) was intended for Schedule C employees only. Senior Executive Service employees are not covered Executive Branch officials as defined in the LDA unless they fall within one of the categories below. Covered Executive Branch officials are:

What is the definition of lobbying contact under the LDA?

The LDA excepts from the definition of “lobbying contact” communications “required by subpoena, civil investigative demand, or otherwise compelled by statute, regulation, or other action of the Congress or an agency” (2 U.S.C. § 1602(8)(B)(ix)).