What does it mean if you recuperate?

What does it mean if you recuperate?

1 : to get back : regain. 2 : to bring back into use or currency : revive recuperate old traditions. intransitive verb. : to regain a former state or condition especially : to recover health or strength. Other Words from recuperate Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About recuperate.

What does recuperate mean in dictionary?

verb (used without object), re·cu·per·at·ed, re·cu·per·at·ing. to recover from sickness or exhaustion; regain health or strength. to recover from financial loss.

What does fully recuperate mean?

: to recover fully : to have no lasting health problems.

What is the difference between recovering and recuperating?

Recovery is the first phase after surgery. To recover is to get back or regain the strength lost during illness or surgery. To recuperate is to spend a long time gradually getting back to normal health after an illness. Usually, a person will be on medical leave from their job while they are recuperating.

How do you use the word recuperate?

get over an illness or shock.

  1. I went away to the country to recuperate.
  2. Winston proposed several ways for the industry to recuperate.
  3. She went to the country to recuperate.
  4. The patient did not recuperate as rapidly as the doctor had expected.

Are you recuperating meaning?

To recuperate is to get something back that you have lost — could be good health, or money lost in a bad investment. When you recuperate, you heal and recover. Recuperate comes from the Latin word recuperare “to take back,” so when you recuperate you gain something back that was yours before — health or money.

How do you use recuperation in a sentence?

Recuperation sentence example Polynesian spas and one-of-a-kind cruises offer rest and recuperation from months of wedding planning and preparation. Some seniors reside at a nursing home temporarily, following a short-term health crisis, such as recuperation from injury or a hospital stay.

How do you recover from sickness?

The Best Ways to Bounce Back After Being Sick

  1. Take your time. Be careful not to push yourself too hard too fast.
  2. Turn off those screens. Phones, TVs, and tablets all emit blue light that causes strain on your eyes.
  3. Make a green smoothie.
  4. Drink hot water with True Lemon.
  5. Practice meditation and deep breathing.

How do you use recuperation?

Recuperating sentence example

  1. She couldn’t think of him in any way but recuperating .
  2. This dog was found last October and is currently recuperating in a foster home in Wales.
  3. The discovery could help patients too weak to exercise to start recuperating from illnesses or injuries quicker.

How do you recuperate a simple sentence?

Recuperate in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Hopefully Jean will recuperate quickly and be able to leave the hospital soon.
  2. After the surgery on my Achilles tendon, I will be at a physical disadvantage until I completely recuperate.

What is the opposite of recuperate?

Antonyms: deteriorate, devolve, degenerate, drop. Synonyms: retrieve, reclaim, go back, recuperate, recoup, recover, regain, convalesce, find.

Which is the best definition of the word recuperate?

transitive verb. 1 : to get back : regain. 2 : to bring back into use or currency : revive recuperate old traditions. intransitive verb. : to regain a former state or condition especially : to recover health or strength.

What does the word re · cu · per · ate mean?

re·cu·per·ate 1. To return to health or strength; recover. 2. To recover from financial loss.

How to recuperate from the Cambridge English Dictionary?

Improve your vocabulary with English Vocabulary in Use from Cambridge. Learn the words you need to communicate with confidence. After leaving the hospital, he continued to recuperate at home. I don’t think we will be able to recuperate all our outlay. It wasn’t something you recuperated from in one year.

What do you mean by recuperate in the Bible?

Not a moment did he give them to recuperate after he had scattered them before he rounded them up once more near the outer gate–but now they were docile and submissive. Just as he was beginning to recuperate his health, however, an unkind destiny brought him a number of most painful personal experiences.