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What does farrimond mean?

What does farrimond mean?

Last name: Farrimond The name is or was a compound, containing the elements ‘fara’ meaning ‘family’ and ‘mund’ – the protector.

What is the origin of Guzman?

A habitational surname from de Guzmán, or “of Guzmán,” derived from the village of Guzmán (es) in the province of Burgos, Spain. As an eastern Ashkenazic name, it could be a variant of Gusman, an occupational name for a metalworker, from the Yiddish gus, meaning “casting” and man.

What ethnicity is the name Guzman?

Spanish (Guzmán): of uncertain and disputed etymology, probably from a Germanic personal name. Jewish (eastern Ashkenazic): variant of Gusman.

How common is the last name Castaneda?

How Common Is The Last Name Castañeda? This last name is the 1,161st most numerous last name in the world It is held by approximately 1 in 15,842 people.

Is Guzman a Hispanic last name?

Guzmán (also de Guzmán) (Spanish: [ɡuðˈman] or [ɡuzˈman]) is a Spanish surname. The Portuguese language equivalent is Gusmão.

How many guzmans are there?

Guzman Surname Distribution Map

Place Incidence Frequency
Mexico 476,243 1:261
Colombia 149,158 1:320
United States 133,359 1:2,718
Dominican Republic 78,444 1:133

What does the name Farrimond mean in English?

Farrimond as a boys’ name has its root in Old English, and the meaning of the name Farrimond is “traveler’s protection”. Farrimond is a version of Faramond (Old English).

Where does the last name Faramund come from?

It seems likely that it was introduced, as the personal name Faramund, by the Normans at the 1066 Invasion of England, but may possibly have been in use in Britain before that date. The name is or was a compound, containing the elements ‘fara’ meaning ‘family’ and ‘mund’ – the protector.

What was the most common job for a Farrimond?

In 1939, General Labourer and Unpaid Domestic Duties were the top reported jobs for men and women in the UK named Farrimond. 27% of Farrimond men worked as a General Labourer and 73% of Farrimond women worked as an Unpaid Domestic Duties. Some less common occupations for Americans named Farrimond were Colliery Hewer Retired and Household Duties

Where does the last name fareman come from?

The first recorded spelling of the family name is believed to be that of Richard Fareman, of Cambridge, in the year 1086, during the reign of King William 1st, known as “The Conqueror”, 1066 – 1087. Enjoy this name printed onto our colourful scroll, printed in Olde English script.