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What does CAA do for musicians?

What does CAA do for musicians?

CAA delivers world-class opportunities to world-class clients. Positioned at the nexus of talent, content, brands, technology, sports, and live events, CAA creates limitless opportunities for the storytellers, trendsetters, icons, and thought leaders who shape popular culture.

Who does the CAA represent?

According to FastCompany, CAA represents game designers Will Wright, Tim Schafer, Shinji Mikami, Goichi Suda, and Cliff Bleszinski, and has courted Kellee Santiago and Nick Eh 30.

Who owns Creative Artist Agency?

Creative Artists Agency

Founder Michael Ovitz
Headquarters 2000 Avenue of the Stars Century City, Los Angeles, California , U.S.
Key people Bryan Lourd, Co-Chairman Kevin Huvane, Co-Chairman Richard Lovett, Co-Chairman James Burtson, President Carol Sawdye, CFO
Members 3,400 clients (2016) 299 staff (2016)

How much is CAA worth?

That helps CAA not only retain the No. 1 spot on Forbes’ list of the world’s most valuable sports agencies but push its total contract value under management up to $10.6 billion, more than double the size of its next-closest competitor.

Who is Sharron Elkabas?

Sharron Elkabas: I’m the CEO of MN2S, a global music and talent agency based in London and Miami. I began my career as an event promoter, putting on club nights in London as the first wave of house DJs came over to the UK from America.

How did Timothee Chalamet get discovered?

Chalamet’s breakthrough came in 2017 with his role as Elio Perlman in Luca Guadagnino’s coming-of-age romantic drama Call Me by Your Name, after which he appeared in the coming-of-age films Hot Summer Nights and Lady Bird as well as the western film Hostiles.

What does CCM stand for in construction management?

CCMs provide professional services which apply effective management techniques to the planning, design, and construction of a project from inception to completion to control time, cost and quality.

What kind of exam does a CCM pass?

CCMs pass a comprehensive in-person exam that tests on 15 practice areas, including management of time, safety, and costs

Is the CCM accredited by the ANSI?

The CCM is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI®) under the International Organization for Standardization’s 17024 standard. At this time, mailed items may encounter processing delays of up to 5 business days due to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

How often do you need to become a CCM?

CCMs are required every three years to provide a minimum of 25 points earned by participating in training or volunteering within the industry. See who earned their Certified Construction Manager designation in May 2021. Should you hire a CCM for your next project? Why Hire A CCM