What does a low free T4 mean?

What does a low free T4 mean?

Abnormally low free T 4 levels may signal hypothyroidism. This means your thyroid is not making enough hormones. An underlying condition, such as Hashimoto disease, another autoimmune disorder, could be the cause of an underactive thyroid.

What causes low T4 free?

High levels of any of these tests (total T4, free T4, or free T4 index) may indicate an overactive thyroid, also known as hyperthyroidism. Low levels of any of these tests (total T4, free T4, or free T4 index) may indicate an underactive thyroid, also known as hypothyroidism.

What do I do if my T4 is low?

The easiest and most effective treatment is simply taking a thyroid hormone pill (levothyroxine) once a day, preferably in the morning. This medication is a pure synthetic form of T4 which is made in a laboratory to be an exact replacement for the T4 that the human thyroid gland normally secretes.

Is .8 free T4 low?

Normal levels in adults In adults, normal levels of total T4 range from 5–12 micrograms per deciliter (mcg/dl) of blood. Normal levels of free T4 range from 0.8–1.8 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dl) of blood.

How do I raise my T4?

Several health studies have shown that T3 and T4 hormone levels increase with exercise. Beyond helping to stimulate thyroid production, exercise also helps to counteract many of the side effects of hypothyroidism such as gaining weight, loss of muscle, depression, and low energy levels.

Does low T4 cause weight gain?

According to Dr. Kitahara, if someone has low thyroid function, their TSH is high, and the thyroid hormones known as T3 and T4 are low—and weight gain often occurs.

How can I raise my T4 levels?

Can low T4 cause weight gain?

How can I raise my free T4?

How can I boost my free T4?

Is your free T4 really in the normal range?

Typical results in adults for the free T4 test generally range from 0.9 to 2.4 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL). Like total T4 in adults, free T4 also varies in children according to age.

What is the treatment for low – free T4?

Supplement directly with T4 thyroid hormone (thyroid medication) – The most common treatment for low T4 is the use of thyroid medication such as Levothyroxine and Synthroid. These medications will provide your body directly with T4 and will act to normalize the deficit in your body.

What is the normal range for free T4 and TSH?

Total T4 levels should be approximately 4.5 to 12.5. A low T4 level with High TSH indicates hypothyroidism. Free T4 normal range is approximately 0.7 to 2.0. If the value is low, it indicates f hypothyroidism.

What does low T4 really mean?

Both decreased and increased free T4 results are associated with a variety of temporary and chronic thyroid conditions. Low free T4 results in conjunction with a low TSH level or high free T4 results along with a high TSH may indicate a pituitary gland condition.