What did Robert Cazimero die of?

What did Robert Cazimero die of?

No cause of death was given, though the artist suffered in recent years from congestive heart issues, diabetes and carpal tunnel syndrome.

When did Roland Cazimero die?

July 16, 2017
Roland Cazimero/Date of death
On Sunday, July 16, 2017, Hawaii lost a great musician and songwriter. Roland Cazimero died at Straub Medical Center with his family by his side. He was 66 years old. For more than four decades, the Brothers Cazimero shared their gift of music with the world — Robert on bass and Roland on the 12-string guitar.

Is Roland Cazimero still alive?

Deceased (1950–2017)
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How many Cazimero brothers are there?

four brothers
Cazimero is survived by his wife, five sons, two sisters and four brothers.

Who is alakai Lastimado?

Do you know that Alaka’i Lastimado, the Hawaiian hunk whose hula dance at the mini concert of world-renowned musician Robert Cazimero in Hawaii went viral in social media, has roots in Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental? Tagoloan is just a 20-minute ride from Cagayan de Oro City.

Is Roland Cazimero alive?

Is Alaka I Lastimado Filipino?

What was the cause of death for Roland Cazimero?

Roland died at Straub Medical Center after several years of declining health. Roland Cazimero — a multi-Hoku-Award-winning singer, musician, song writer and recording artist and one-half of the Brothers Cazimero — died Sunday night at Straub Medical Center after several years of declining health.

How did the Cazimero brothers get their start?

The Cazimeros got their start during the Hawaiian Renaissance with ukulele and slack-key guitarist Peter Moon ‘s band, The Sunday Manoa, on their first recording, Guava Jam. Since that time, The Brothers Cazimero have released at least 36 recordings and three DVDs.

Who are the children of Roland Cazimero?

Survivors include his wife, Lauwa‘e Ah Mau Cazimero, children Hawai‘iki Cazimero, John Devin Kumau C. McWilliams, Jonah Cazimero, Jordan Malama Cazimero-Chinen, and Justin Pono Cazimero-Chinen, brothers Rodney and Robert, and twin sister Kanoe “Tootsie” Cazimero.

What kind of awards did Roland Cazimero win?

The Brothers Cazimero won numerous Na Hoku Hanohano Awards in the years that followed. Cazimero also received Hoku Awards for his work as a solo artist, for his work as a member of the musical group, Hokule‘a, and as a member of the all-star quartet that recorded “Broken Promise” in 1991.