What did Chicago rapper RondoNumbaNine get sentenced for?

What did Chicago rapper RondoNumbaNine get sentenced for?

Chicago Rapper RondoNumbaNine Sentenced to 39 Years for 2014 Murder. Chicago rapper and OTF affiliate RondoNumbaNine was sentenced to 39 years in prison yesterday (July 5) for the crime of murdering a jitney cab driver back in 2014.

How to watch bail out by RondoNumbaNine?

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When was I’m Up next by RondoNumbaNine released?

The mixtape, titled “I’m Up Next” was released in 2012 and contains a total of 12 tracks. On March 10, 2014 it was revealed that RondoNumbaNine was charged with murder and was held on a 2 million dollar bond. Authorities claim RondoNumbaNine is responsible for the brutal murder of Javan Boyd.

How did RondoNumbaNine get shot in the head?

Prosecutors said the men asked Boyd if he was from the neighborhood and fired multiple rounds into the vehicle from the passenger side. Boyd was pronounced dead two hours after being taken to the hospital.

How old was Rondo when he was arrested?

Rondo and fellow rapper Cdai were in the group of men who approached and shot at Boyd’s vehicle. Cdai received his sentence of 38 years for the same crime earlier this year back in May. RondaNumbaNine was just 17 years old at the time of his arrest while Cdai was 19.

How did RondoNumbaNine get involved in the Boyd murder?

Boyd had been waiting for a customer. He was later pronounced dead at Stroger Hospital. Massey was implicated in the crime by fingerprints left on Boyd’s car and video surveillance footage. Rondonumbanine was a fixture in the city’s drill scene until his arrest.

Why did CDAI call Rondo a snitch?

It should be noted that Cdai had originally labeled Tay 600 a snitch as previously mentioned, while the new information has led many to believe that it was Rondo who cooperated in an effort to gain a lighter sentence or a mistrial. You can read the full paperwork here. We were unable to load Disqus.