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What cinemas are in Highpoint?

What cinemas are in Highpoint?

HOYTS Highpoint is located on Level 1 and boasts 8 state of the art recliner theatres, a HOYTS LUX Lounge, two HOYTS LUX cinemas, HOYTS new motion recliners D-Box and two Dolby ATMOS Xtremescreen’s.

Can I bring food to Hoyts?

Hoyts don’t allow any food or drink, and only a handful of cinemas said that it was fine to bring any kind of food.

Does Hoyt’s discount seniors?

HOYTS Rewards Members age 60+ can access a selection of discounted food, drink items as well as discounted movie tickets. The $9 ticket offer is available on all mainstream sessions prior to 5:00PM Monday to Sunday. Surcharges and online booking fees may apply. The offer does not apply for sessions at HOYTS LUX.

What is Hoyts Lux?

HOYTS LUX is our premium dine in cinema experience, with a bespoke luxury menu, a premium wine selection and comfort with cutting edge sounds and visuals – more is more at HOYTS LUX.

What’s DBOX Hoyts?

The HOYTS D-BOX motion recliner is an immersive movie experience which allows our guests to synchronise the movement of their seat to the content and audio track on the cinema screen. …

Does HOYTS camera?

HOYTS Cinema premises are strictly smoke-free and smoking is not permitted under any circumstances. For the safety and security of guests and staff, please note recorded video surveillance and silent alarms may be in use. Please note, no food and beverages sourced from outside HOYTS Cinema are allowed in the cinema.

How much is a senior ticket for Hoyts?

$9 movie tickets available for HOYTS Rewards Members who are 60 years or older.

What day is Senior Day at movies?

If you’re 62 and older, save up to 35% off on movie tickets. On Mondays, save an additional 10% off! Ticket prices and discounts may vary by location. Click above to find locations near you.

How much does it cost to see a movie at Hoyts?

Hoyts Ticket Prices (AUS)

Children $18.50 – $19.50
Adults $23.50 – $25.00
Seniors $15.50 – $16.50
Student / Concession $20.00 – $22.00