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What channel is raw dog on Sirius XM?

What channel is raw dog on Sirius XM?

Channel 99
Bennington | Sirius XM Raw Dog Comedy Hits Channel 99.

Why does Sirius Radio have a dog?

Sirius is one of the brightest stars in the night sky and is also known as the Dog Star because of its inclusion in the constellation Canis Major. The Sirius logo used to include an image of a dog with a star for an eye… And it’s not just the image of the dog.

Is the SiriusXM Onyx Plus Bluetooth?

Now you can purchase the Onyx Plus vehicle kit with the Bluetooth® Dock. The SXBTD1V1 is the only SiriusXM™ Radio Bluetooth®™ Vehicle Docking Cradle on the market today. Also, if you would like to use this cradle at home, just purchase our SiriusXM™ Radio PowerConnect home power adapter.

Can I Bluetooth Sirius XM?

You can add the SiriusXM app to your smartphone and stream to your stereo via Bluetooth. If your stereo does not have built-in Bluetooth, you can add it with a $25 Bluetooth receiver. There is no extra cost to use the app, and it works in your car, too.

What happened to Kevin Rutherford?

He is a business trainer, author of national articles on trucking and finance, small fleet owner, tax preparer, and radio host of Trucking Business & Beyond. Currently, Kevin hosts Trucking Business & Beyond on SiriusXM / Road Dog Trucking.

What channel is Bennington on?

Bennington is an American talk radio show hosted by Ron Bennington and his daughter Gail Bennington on Sirius XM Faction Talk.

Is Sirius XM named after Sirius Black?

Fans of a certain boy wizard will be familiar with Sirius Black, Harry Potter’s beloved godfather. This is no coincidence, as his name was inspired by Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, which lies in the constellation known as Canis major (The Greater Dog). …

How do I play Sirius XM on Bluetooth?

Place the SiriusXM Radio into the Bluetooth Vehicle Dock. If the Radio does not turn on automatically, press the power button to turn it on. B. Press and hold the Bluetooth Button for 4 seconds until the Bluetooth Indicator LED turns from blue to red and begins alternately blinking blue and red (one second blink).

How can I get XM Radio for free?

Sirius said anyone who’s not already a SiriusXM subscriber can download the SiriusXM app or go to, and start listening free of charge, with no credit card or commitment required.

Is Kevin Rutherford still on the radio?

Who are the comedians on Raw Dog on SiriusXM?

Raw Dog is SiriusXM’s comedy club, featuring stand-up from the fast-rising comedians everyone will be talking about tomorrow, as well as comedy from some of your more established favorites Show Schedule

Is there a Road Dog Trucking channel on Sirius?

Entertainment and news for the commercial driver. Listen on SiriusXM. Get in gear with the 24-hour channel devoted to the trucking industry.   With news, information and entertainment, the channel keeps you up to date on the industry that keeps us moving. Road Dog Trucking Channel 146

What kind of comedy is on Raw Dog?

Channel 99 Stand-up from today’s up and coming comedy stars, as well as original talk, documentary and other special comedy programming. Connect with Now Playing Listen Live [email protected] 844-762-5463 What You’ll Hear