What can you do on forums in Dofus?

What can you do on forums in Dofus?

Forums dedicated to the classes of DOFUS. Share advice for equipment, and offer ideas for builds or spells. Discuss issues and news for your server. Buy and sell items, advertise a guild, connect with other players, or recruit for dungeon runs and hunting parties! Learn tips and tricks, share your knowledge, learn how to play the market.

Is there a season 11 for Forum Dofus?

Forum – DOFUS: the strategic MMORPG. Play! Show everyone during the Kromatic Weekend, who’s the boss! The Kolossium ratings were reset and Season 11 has officially begun! We’re taking a deep breath before diving back in for the second mark-down of the summer sales.

Are there any technical issues with Dofus touch?

Help us fix technical issues and squash bugs by reporting them here. [NOTED] extremely low connection, lag and bugs on Android tablet. July 12, 2021, 07:47:25 By crtdvd

When is Dofus touch update 1.51 coming out?

Forum – DOFUS Touch: a colossal MMO at your fingertips! Update 1.51 is online! Discover all the new features and improvements with the changelog. All you need to know about the latest news and updates of the game.

What kind of character is ikfes in Ubel Blatt?

Ikfes has a easy going personality and very happy with his level of skill with a sword. As he was looking forward of fighting the Hero Slayer. He wishs to regain his family title as Imperial Royalty and gain the title of Blatt Meister as the strongest swordsmen in the land.

Who is ikfes in the mansion of Swords?

After the massacre of Jebr, Ikfes is hailed as a hero and becomes the newest ‘Blatt Meister’, thus repairing “The Mansion of Swords” name. Ikfes is very skilled in the art of the sword spending most of his time training in order improve his skills.