What can you do for a sick infant?

What can you do for a sick infant?


  1. Plenty of rest. Lots of rest and sleep will soothe your sick baby and help them heal.
  2. Nose drops. If your baby’s nose is particularly congested, you can use over-the-counter saline drops, gel, or spray to thin mucus and relieve congestion.
  3. Nasal syringe.
  4. Humidifier.

How do you make a no sew cat sock?


  1. Fill your sock with stuffing, leaving the ankle area empty.
  2. Fold over the empty ankle and hot glue it to the back of the sock.
  3. Hot glue mini pom poms onto the sock to make the eyes and nose.
  4. Cut ears out of felt and hot glue onto the head.
  5. In the same way, cut felt arms, legs, and a tummy for the cat.

How do you make a sock dog?


  1. Turn one sock inside out to make the body and hind legs.
  2. Flatten the sock so that the heel is facing up.
  3. Use the length from the opening of the sock to the heel to create the hind legs.
  4. Turn the sock right side out and stuff with fiberfill and lavender.
  5. Sew the gap closed.

How do you make a SOCK DOLL?

Making the Doll Body Select three socks to make your doll. Stuff an ankle sock and stitch up the hem. Cut off the toe of the second sock and turn inside out. Mark the vertical center line to designate legs (with slightly rounded “toes” as shown). Sew approximately a quarter inch from the center line on each side.

How do you make a sock monster?

Instructions for making a sock monster: Turn your sock(s) inside out and place with the heel facing up. Legs – To make legs for your sock monster, trace an n-shape from the bottom edge of the sock to create the look of legs. Sew a running stitch along this line and around the feet, leaving a gap at the “crotch”…

How do you make doll clothes?

Making Pants Lay your doll on a piece of folded fabric. Trace along the edges of your doll’s legs. Cut out the pieces. Sew or glue the pieces together. Turn the pants inside out. Secure the pant waist with a strip of fabric, if desired.