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What can you do at Eastgate?

What can you do at Eastgate?

  • Apartheid Museum.
  • Gautrain.
  • Mandela House.
  • Hector Pieterson Museum.
  • Hector Pieterson Memorial.
  • Gold Reef City.
  • Neighbourgoods Market.
  • Constitution Hill Human Rights Precinct.

What shops are there in Eastgate?

Store Name Store No. Contact Number
Accessorize Inside Edgars 011 615 7755 / 087 802 9160
Ackermans U91 011 622 3926
adidas L79 011 622 3188
adidas Home Court U6A 011 615 4899

How old is Eastgate?

42c. 1979
Eastgate Shopping Centre/Age

How many shops are there in Eastgate?

300 stores
Eastgate Shopping Centre is the shopping and lifestyle hub with a prestigiously diverse Tenant offering with over 300 stores.

Which entrance is Woolworths Eastgate?

Entrance 2
Use Entrance 2 off of Country Road, by the pick-up and drop off zone, is where you’ll find the Woolworths at Eastgate!

How many shops are at Eastgate Mall?

When did Eastgate open?

EastGate Mall/Opened

When did Eastgate Mall open?

Who bought the Eastgate Mall?

Eastgate Mall is a shopping mall located in Glen Este, Ohio, in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio. The mall contains over 90 stores….Eastgate Mall (Cincinnati)

Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap
Location Cincinnati, OH, United States
Management CBL & Associates Properties
Owner CBL & Associates Properties
No. of stores and services 90+

Who is the owner of Eastgate Shopping Centre?

Eastgate Shopping Centre is owned by Liberty Group Limited and Liberty Two Degrees Limited, Property Portfolio, one of South Africa’s top commercial real estate businesses, and is managed by JHI Retail (Pty) Ltd.

Where is Eastgate Shopping Centre in Bedfordview located?

Contact Us. 43 Bradford Road, Bedfordview,2008 Telephone: +2711 479 6000 Email: [email protected] GPS: S26 10.781 E28 07.137

Which is the largest shopping centre in South Africa?

Eastgate was Johannesburg’s first ‘super-regional’ shopping centre. When it opened in 1979, it was the largest shopping centre in the southern hemisphere. It remains one of the largest centres in the country, and is the fourth largest shopping centre in the Gauteng, after Sandton City, Mall of Africa and Menlyn Park.