What can I plant now for color?

What can I plant now for color?

Snowdrops are often the first plant to bloom in the year, pushing through the frozen soil and opening to reveal pretty, nodding flowers.

  • January – Snowdrops.
  • February – Iris reticulata.
  • March – Primula vulgaris.
  • April – Small spring flowers.
  • May – Tulips.
  • June – Roses.
  • July – Sweet peas.
  • August – Dahlias.

What plants have Colour all year round?

The 8 prettiest evergreen plants to give your garden year round…

  1. Camellia. Th gorgeous Camellia flower, so associated with luxury brand Chanel, only bloom during the spring months.
  2. Aucuba.
  3. Fatsia Japonica.
  4. Yew.
  5. Magnolia Grandiflora.
  6. 6. Box.
  7. Lavender.
  8. Holly.

How can I color my garden all year round?

Below are six tips that are easy to follow and can give you colour across the year.

  1. Plant Bulbs. Spring Bulbs.
  2. Sow seeds for Annual Flowers. Annual flowers.
  3. Grow evergreen Plants and Shrubs.
  4. Stems for Winter interest.
  5. Late Summer Flowers.
  6. Garden Features.

What plants can survive a freeze?

Freeze-Proof Plants

  • Lily-of-the-Valley. Don’t let its dainty blooms fool you — lily-of-the-valley (Convallaria majalis) is a tough plant.
  • Siberian Iris.
  • American Mountain Ash.
  • Coral Bells (Heuchera)
  • Pansies.
  • Hosta.
  • Siberian Cypress.
  • ‘Fastigiata’ Spruce (Picea pungens var.

What shrubs can you plant in autumn?

Favourite shrubs for autumn berries

  • Berberis.
  • Clerodendrum trichotomum var. fargesii.
  • Cotoneasters.
  • Euonymus hamiltonianus.
  • Gaultheria.
  • Nandina domestica.
  • Pyracantha.
  • Roses for hips.

What is best to plant in autumn?

8 Fast-Growing Vegetables for Autumn

  1. Rocket. Rocket rushes to bolt when grown in spring, but autumn crops grow into lush plants with big, flavourful leaves.
  2. Pak Choi.
  3. Collards.
  4. Lettuce.
  5. Mustard.
  6. Radishes.
  7. Spinach.
  8. Turnips.

What plants look good all year round UK?

Plants that look good all year

  • Heart-shaped, purple leaves of the redbud.
  • Masses of fiery-coloured ‘Red Sentinel’ crab apples.
  • White, star-shaped flowers of snowy mespilus.
  • Small, white flowers and blood red berries of ‘Dart’s Red Robin’ viburnum.
  • White, bell-shaped flowers on a blueberry bush.
  • White hydrangea blooms.

What are the best plants for autumn colour?

10 plants for autumn colour 1 Snowy mespilus. 2 Aster. 3 Beauty berry. 4 Judas tree. 5 Autumn crocus. 6 Cotoneaster. 7 Crab apple. 8 Nerine. 9 Virginia creeper. 10 Sternbergia lutea.

What kind of plant has purple flowers in the fall?

Most asters (now called Symphyotrichum) flower in late summer and autumn, bringing welcome late colour to borders. Symphyotrichum ‘Little Carlow’ is one of the best, producing vibrant, light purple flowers.

What kind of plants turn red in the fall?

Euonymus europaeus turns a spectacular shade of red before the leaves fall. Euonymus alatus also turns a beautiful crimson in autumn. Chrysanthemums flower well into autumn and are excellent for cutting. Ornamental grasses are at their best in autumn, and combine well with all kinds of perennials and shrubs.

What kind of flowers bloom in the fall?

Welcome autumn with a blaze of garden color. If you love spring crocus, check out its fall flowering cousin, autumn crocus (Colchicum autumnale). Actually a lily, this plant grows leaves in spring that die back in early summer. Blooms open in early to mid-fall when no leaves are present.