What can be exported to Venezuela?

What can be exported to Venezuela?

The top export opportunities for Venezuela according to the relatedness index, are Petroleum Gas (0.073), Gold (0.066), Tropical Fruits (0.053), Other Ores (0.053), and Aluminium Ore (0.053). Relatedness measures the distance between a country’s current exports and each product.

Can I export goods from India?

All items are freely exportable except few items appearing in prohibited/ restricted list. After studying the trends of export of different products from India proper selection of the product(s) to be exported may be made.

What are 3 of Venezuela’s top imports?

Venezuela main imports are: electronics (32 percent of total imports), chemical products (18 percent), agricultural products and livestock (11 percent), base metals (8 percent) and food, beverages and tobacco (6 percent).

Which export business is best?

So after comprehensive research, I have identified the list of best export businesses in India.

  • Vegetable Export:
  • Clothing.
  • Beauty Products.
  • Seafood Export.
  • Meat Exports.
  • Machinery Export Business.
  • Chemical Exports.
  • Petroleum Products.

Which is the easiest country to export from India?

Percentage Share(2018-19)

  • USA. 52.43. 15.88.
  • United Arab Emirates. 30.13. 9.13.
  • China PRP. 16.75. 5.07.
  • Hong Kong. 13.00. 3.94.
  • Singapore. 11.57. 3.51.
  • United Kingdom. 9.33. 2.83.
  • Bangladesh PR. 9.21. 2.79.
  • Germany. 8.90. 2.70.

Which product is highly exported from India?

India’s biggest export products by value in 2020 were refined petroleum oils, diamonds, pharmaceuticals, jewelry and cars. In aggregate, those major exports account for almost one third of the India’s overall exports sales. The commodities themselves suggest a relatively diversified range of exported goods.

What are Venezuela’s top imports?

Are there export controls on exports to Venezuela?

Venezuela – U.S. Export Controls Venezuela – US Export Controls. Includes the U.S. government export controls that companies need to abide by when exporting to this country. The United States does not authorize the export of defense articles and defense services to Venezuela (see Federal Register, Vol. 71, No.159, 2006).

Where does Venezuela get most of its goods from?

The country imports around 30% of its overall needs from countries like the United States ($10 billion), China ($6 billion), Brazil ($4.8 billion), Colombia ($2.3 billion) and Argentina ($2.2 billion).

What kind of relationship does India have with Venezuela?

Venezuela has world’s largest reserve of crude oil, while India is world’s third largest importer of crude oil. During President Chávez’s visit to India in March 2005, the two countries signed a bilateral agreement on co-operation in the hydrocarbon sector and an MoU granting ONGC Videsh Ltd (OVL) rights for oil and gas exploration in Venezuela.

Is there an embassy in India for Venezuela?

India maintains an embassy in Caracas, while Venezuela maintains an embassy in New Delhi . There have been several visits by heads of state and government, and other high-level officials between the countries. President Hugo Chávez visited New Delhi on 4–7 March 2005.