What are words beginning with anti?

What are words beginning with anti?

What are the Words That Start With Anti? The Words That Start With Anti are Antioxidant, Antipathy, Antivirus, Antigen, Antiseptic, Antifreeze, Anticipate, Anticipation, Anticlimax, Antibody, Antistatic, Anticipating, Antibacterial, Antiquity, Antibiotic, Antiviral, Antidotes, etc.

What is a word that starts with anti and means against?

anti: ‘against’ antidote: remedy given ‘against’ a poison. antibiotic: drug given ‘against’ the life-form bacteria which has invaded a body. antifreeze: a liquid used ‘against’ the freezing of cars’ engines. antiperspirant: product used to help fight ‘against’ perspiration.

What are some words with the suffix anti?

Words Based on the Anti Root Word

  • Antidote: medicine against poison.
  • Antibiotic: medicine against bacteria.
  • Antifreeze: a liquid used in machines to avoid freezing.
  • Antiperspirant: a product which is against perspiration.
  • Antisocial: opposing being social.
  • Antacid: medicine against acidity in stomach.

What is a prefix for anti?

Reviewed on 3/29/2021. Anti-: Prefix generally meaning “against, opposite or opposing, and contrary.” In medicine, anti- often connotes “counteracting or effective against” as in antibacterial, anti-infective, and antiviral.

What does anti mean in social studies?

: opposed the anti group. anti. preposition. Definition of anti (Entry 3 of 4) : opposed to : against They were anti big corporations.

What is the root word for antisocial?

antisocial (adj.) also anti-social, “unsocial, averse to social intercourse,” 1797, from anti- + social (adj.).

What is the definition of the root word anti?

anti- a prefix meaning “against,” “opposite of,” “antiparticle of,” used in the formation of compound words (anticline); used freely in combination with elements of any origin (antibody; antifreeze; antiknock; antilepton). Also before a vowel, ant-.

What does anti mean definition?

1a : of the same kind but situated opposite, exerting energy in the opposite direction, or pursuing an opposite policy anticlinal. b : one that is opposite in kind to anticlimax. 2a : opposing or hostile to in opinion, sympathy, or practice anti-Semite. b : opposing in effect or activity antacid.

What does the combining form anti stand for?

Do not confuse this prefix with ante-. Combining form meaning against, opposing, or, in relation to symptoms and diseases, curative. Combining form denoting an antibody (immunoglobulin) specific for the thing indicated; e.g., antitoxin (antibody specific for a toxin).

Which is the best definition of the word ant?

anti-. 1. Combining form meaning against, opposing, or, in relation to symptoms and diseases, curative. 2. Combining form meaning an antibody (immunoglobulin) specific for the thing indicated (e.g., antitoxin, as in antibody specific for a toxin).

Are there any words that start with the letter a?

16-letter words that start with a. anesthesiologist. antihypertensive. aminotransferase. arteriosclerosis. anthropomorphism. accommodationist.