What are the classification of microcomputer?

What are the classification of microcomputer?

Common microcomputers include laptops and desktops. Beyond standard PCs, microcomputers also include some calculators, mobile phones, notebooks, workstations and embedded systems. Smaller than a mainframe or minicomputer, a microcomputer uses a single integrated semiconductor chip for its central processing unit (CPU).

What are the classification of computer by purpose?

What are the classifications of computers according to function? There are four types in the classifications of computers by function viz. Analog, Digital, and Hybrid Computer.

What is the purpose of microcomputer?

Microcomputer was formerly a commonly used term for personal computers, particularly any of a class of small digital computers whose CPU is contained on a single integrated semiconductor chip. Thus, a microcomputer uses a single microprocessor for its CPU, which performs all logic and arithmetic operations.

What are the 5 classification of computer explain *?

Classification of Computers

Sr.No. Type
2 Workstation
3 Mini-Computer
4 Main Frame
5 Super-Computer

What is general purpose computer and special purpose?

General purpose computers are designed to be able to perform variety of tasks when loaded with appropriate programs, while special purpose computers are designed to accomplish a single task.

What is special purpose computer and examples?

They are usually battery powered. Examples include Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), mobile phones, palm-top computers, pocket-PCs etc. As they are handheld devices, their weights and sizes have certain limitations as a result they are equipped with small memories, slow processors and small display screens, etc.

What are the examples of general purpose computer?

Desktop computers and laptops are examples of general purpose computers. Among other things, they can be used to: Each of these tasks is called an application . Any computer that can have many applications, such as those listed, is a general purpose computer.

What type of microcomputer is intended to be used on a single location?

Desktops: • A desktop is intended to be used on a single location. The spare parts of a desktop computer are readily available at relatively lower costs. Power consumption is not as critical as that in laptops. Desktops are widely popular for daily use in the workplace and households.

Why are microcomputers popular?

Microcomputers fit well on or under desks or tables, so that they are within easy access of users. Bigger computers like minicomputers, mainframes, and supercomputers take up large cabinets or even dedicated rooms. A microcomputer comes equipped with at least one type of data storage, usually RAM.

What are the purposes of computer?

The purpose of the computer is to perform calculations, store information, retrieve data and process information. A computer has programmed data or computer language that tells the computer how to fulfill its purpose.

What type of computer is general purpose computer?

A general purpose computer is a computer that is designed to be able to carry out many different tasks. Desktop computers and laptops are examples of general purpose computers.

How are computers classified by size, purpose and function?

Classification of computer according to Size,Purpose and Function According to size: According to size, there are four types of computers, Micro computers: Size, speed and cost of the micro computers are lower than the mini, main frame and super computers.

What are the classifications of the computer system?

Let’s Get to Know the “ What are the Classifications of Computers System“:- We can classify the computers according to the following 3 categories: On the Basis of Size and Capacity, [Supercomputer, Mainframe, Mini, and Micro Computer]. On the Basis of Purposes, [General and Special Purpose].

Which is the best definition of a micro computer?

Micro Computer is the self contains units and usually design for use by one person at a time. Since “Micro Computer” can be usually included too large Computer. Form a very important segment of integrated information system.

What is a minicomputer and what is its purpose?

Minicomputer is a digital and multi-user computer system with the connection of more than one CPU. Thus, many people can work on these computers simultaneously instead of a single person. Also, it can process with other accessories like a printer, plotter, etc.