What are some slang words from the outsiders?

What are some slang words from the outsiders?

here, but this is a good start!

  • 1) booze – Any form of alcohol; particularly beer. Likewise, boozed means drunk.
  • 2) broad – An attractive girl.
  • 3) cooler – Jail.
  • 4) cancer stick – Cigarette.
  • 5) Chessy Cat -Cheshire Cat.
  • 6) hacked off – To be angry.
  • 7) heater – A hand-gun.
  • 8) hot – recently stolen.

What does corn Poney mean?

corn-poney. adjective meaning simple or corny/cheesy. premonition. noun meaning a vision of a future event.

What slang does ponyboy use?

Pony then mentions that both words are considered compliments. The word “tuff” is a slang term that the Greasers use throughout the novel to describe anything they think is attractive and cool. In chapter 2, Ponyboy describes Marcia and Cherry Valance as “tuff-looking” because they are attractive and well-dressed.

What does BOP mean in the outsiders?

Bop. Definition: rumbler, or fighter, to the Brumly gang. Sentence: “I mean, you take a guy that calls a rumble “bop-action,” and you can tell he isn’t real educated” (Hinton 122). Crocked. Definition: drunk.

What does you ain’t a Woofin mean in the outsiders?

A’woofin. Definition: kidding or teasing. Sentence: “’Ain’t you about to freeze to death, Pony? ‘ ‘You ain’t a’woofin’,’ I said, rubbing my bare arms between drags on my cigarette” (Hinton 49). Bop.

What does ION mean in Snapchat?

“In Other News” is the most common definition for ION on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. ION. Definition: In Other News.

What does ION mean in a text?

in other news
Ion for I don’t emerges in internet writing in the 2000s, as does the acronym ION for in other news. ION is used as a transitional phrase to change a topic, much like Anyways…

What does Turf mean in slang outsiders?

Turf. A territory or location belonging to a person or group.