What are other names for an axe?

What are other names for an axe?

synonyms for axe

  • adz.
  • chopper.
  • hatchet.
  • tomahawk.

What is another name that was used for the North?

What is another word for north?

northern northerly
Arctic northwardly
arctic borean
hyperboreal hyperborean
northbound northmost

What is another name for a fire axe?

The Pulaski is a special hand tool used in fighting fires, particularly wildfires, which combines an axe and an adze in one head. Similar to a cutter mattock, it has a rigid handle of wood, plastic, or fiberglass. The Pulaski is used for constructing firebreaks, able to both dig soil and chop wood.

What is axe called in English?

/æks/ a tool that has a heavy iron or steel blade at the end of a long wooden handle, used for cutting wood: Julian used an axe to chop down the old apple tree. koya79/iStock / Getty Images Plus/GettyImages. the axe (US also the ax)

What is a synonym for small axe?

Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for SMALL AXE [hatchet]

What do you call a large axe?

A battle axe (also battle-axe, battle ax, or battle-ax) is an axe specifically designed for combat. Battle axes were specialized versions of utility axes. Many were suitable for use in one hand, while others were larger and were deployed two-handed.

What is another name for the North in the Civil War?

Union: Also called the North or the United States, the Union was the portion of the country that remained loyal to the Federal government during the Civil War.

What is the synonym of cut?

1’the knife slipped and cut his finger’ gash, slash, lacerate, slit, pierce, penetrate, wound, injure. scratch, graze, nick, snick, notch, incise, score. lance.

What do they call an axe in Australia?

It is marketed as Lynx in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, Australia, New Zealand and China.

What is another word for a small axe?

Are there any synonyms for the word axe?

Synonyms for axe include cancel, abandon, cut, discontinue, drop, end, junk, scrap, terminate and withdraw. Find more similar words at!

Are there any synonyms for the word North?

Synonyms for north include northward, northerly, northwardly, northwards, northly, up, to the north, in a northerly direction, towards the North Pole and northern. Find more similar words at!

What do you need to know about the axe?

Additionally, if you’re going to stay one step ahead of the guy with the axe, you need to know where your company and the industry is headed and obtain the skills necessary to market yourself in a constantly changing environment. It’s not about protecting Google, it’s about accounting for when the axe swings in the opposite direction.

What kind of axe has two blades on the head?

As the name indicates, a double bit axe has two blades on the head. Today, these axes are not really used for camping or household chores, but might be seen at axe throwing competitions. Check out all the different Double Bit Axes here. Double bit axes are mainly used by professional lumberjacks.