What are bp company values?

What are bp company values?

It’s important to show BP’s graduate recruiters that you share BP’s five core values: safety, respect, excellence, one team and courage.

What is bp vision statement?

BP Vision Statement To have the best competitive corporate, operating and financial performance. To improve, and to be accessible, inclusive and diverse.

What is bp code of conduct?

Our Code is a public statement that BP is committed to doing the right thing. It serves as a valuable resource to help employees and others make informed, ethical decisions. Our Code includes references to relevant BP Requirements (BP Policies, BP Procedures and BP Practices) and other helpful tools and resources.

What is bp’s new strategy?

Earlier this year bp announced its new purpose, net zero ambition and aims, and its determination to reimagine energy and reinvent bp. Building on the purpose, together with bp’s beliefs about the future of energy systems and changing customer demands, the strategy sets out how bp expects to deliver its ambition.

Does BP have a code of ethics?

We’re committed to doing business ethically and transparently, using our values and our code of conduct to guide us. We expect our employees to work in line with both and to treat others with respect, ‎fairness and dignity. Our code of conduct sets clear expectations for how we work at bp.

Why is BP a bad company?

BP has paid millions in civil and criminal penalties for violating major federal environmental laws such as the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and other laws designed to protect the environment and public health. From air pollution to leaky oil pipelines, BP has one of the worst environmental records in the industry.

How do BP rewards work?

Here’s how it works: Register for BPme Rewards and start saving 5¢ on every gallon, every time through the next month. Keep that 5¢ reward going by spending $100 on fuel each calendar month. Don’t forget to check your app for special bonus offers toward additional savings on fuel.

What is the BP logo?

The new BP logo consisted of a “Helios” (ancient Green god of the sun who drove his chariot across the sky each day) symbol which featured a green and yellow sunflower epitomizing energy in its various forms. The BP logo uses the Univers® 55 Roman typeface.

Who is responsible for compliance at BP?

The Board of Directors shall take all action it considers appropriate to investigate any violations reported to it, and to enforce this Code with respect to those violations and is exclusively responsible for making a determination that a Covered Officer has violated this Code.

What is bp reinvent?

To deliver our ambition we are reinventing bp, retiring our existing ‎model and replacing it with one that is more focused, more integrated and ‎faces the energy transition head on. One that can deliver for the changing ‎demands of consumers, investors and governments.

What is bp launchpad?

BP Launchpad is a startup studio and is based in Middlesex, England. The firm invests in, and builds, high-growth startups in the clean energy sector.

Why is BP a good company to work for?

Job security is one; first-class career prospects is another; working with great brands is a third. We know our stuff when it comes to retail and can pass on our knowledge to you. We have strong company values, which run through everything we do, making us a better place for customers and our team members.