What amp does the Black Keys use?

What amp does the Black Keys use?

Auerbach uses a three-amp setup where all three are on all the time. The amps are a reissue Marshall JTM-45 (cabinet with Jensen speakers), Fender Quad Reverb (with two Celestion Greenbacks and two Vintage 30s), and Victoria Dual Deluxe (with Eminence Red Coats).

What fuzz pedal do the Black Keys use?

He uses Lehle switchers to route the pedals. The fuzz breakdown is the Big Muff is used on the band’s earliest material, the Companion fuzz is used on the more modern stuff like Brothers up to Turn Blue and the Nu Wa is used sparingly here and there depending on Auerbach’s mood.

What guitar does Dan Auerbach?

Dan Auerbach plays a Guild S-200 Thunderbird as his primary guitar. He has a knack for finding and bringing to the spotlight some of the rarest vintage guitars. It took him almost a decade to find what seems to be his ultimate six-string, the Guild S-200 Thunderbird.

What guitars does Jack White use?

Jack White also loves his acoustic guitars. When it comes to Gretsch he prefers his Falcon Rancher, rich in low-end tones, and also the classic and beautiful Gibson Hummingbird.

Who are the Black Keys influences?

The band’s raw blues rock sound draws heavily from Auerbach’s blues influences, including Junior Kimbrough, R.L. Burnside, Howlin’ Wolf, and Robert Johnson. Friends since childhood, Auerbach and Carney founded the group after dropping out of college.

What kind of AMP does the Black Keys use?

Using the Green Rhino in front of a Catalinbread Galileo MkII players can achieve that beloved thick mid range guitar sound the band is famous for. By combining tones from Marshall and Fender, Dan Auerbach from the Black Keys takes his raw amp sound and turns it up to eleven or quite possibly twelve.

What kind of hoof Fuzz for Black Keys?

For a more budget friendly version of this setup, try using an Earthquaker Devices Hoof fuzz (early Black Keys) or Greyscale Devices Shin-ei Clone (Brothers-era) into a Catalinbread 5F6 or Wampler Tweed ’57. The combination of the Fender and Marshall create a warm, saturated tone perfectly replicated by both Catalinbread and Wampler pedals.

What kind of AMP does Jack White use?

It’s easy to associate Jack White’s name with an Electro-Harmonix Big Muff fuzz pedal (or his new Bumble Buzz), but just as important is his choice of amp. Specifically, the earth shattering and back breaking Silvertone 1485 six ten 100 watt tube amp.