KNX Room Controller: A Powerful Hub to Unite Our House as One

KNX Room Controller: A Powerful Hub to Unite Our House as One

The pace of modern life has shaped us into a relatively regular lifestyle, and the places we frequently visit our apartments, offices, and occasionally hotels and hospitals. Thus, the safety, convenience, and comfort of the facilities in these areas are increasingly affecting our life. When you pay more attention to their status, however, you will find problems occurred that the cost to keep the facilities running is sometimes too high, while their functions are not so satisfactory.

Then how can we solve the problem? The answer lies in home controllers, a system that helps you enjoy a high-quality life with minimal efforts and expenses.

What is a room controller?

The room controller is an end-to-end system, which means you can use the Internet to control automated devices in your home remotely. The system includes unique modular solutions, ranging from intelligent lighting, intelligent security, constant humidity control, and other functions. It dramatically improves the comfort of the occupants and reduces operating costs. As a result, it has increasingly become the choice for most houses, business facilities, and hotels.

At present, some room controller brands are emerging quickly, such as GVS, an intelligent Internet of Things service provider, that improves the quality of life with innovative technologies such as KNX Room Controller Premium 3.0; Euroicc, which featured in small area smart control; and ETC, focusing on building intelligent hotels, etc. You can choose any room controller supplier that matches your individual needs.

What does the room controller bring us?

As a trend, room controllers are unbeatable compared to traditional controllers.

Low installation cost for installation and transformation, the room controller conforms to the architectural mechanical and electrical design standards, and the intense electric circuit remains unchanged based on the traditional wiring mode. Simply add a set of KNX buses connected from the distribution box to the position of all control circuit switch panels, you can change the traditional lighting scheme into a smart home control system scheme.

For product update and iteration, room controller can realize bus product expansion or other product’s functional increase without re-construction and decoration, which is more convenient for construction and installation, and effortless for later return to traditional control design. Additionally, the after-sales maintenance and upgrading are easier, efficient and low-cost.

Easy to use and adapt  KNX Room Controller Premium 3.0, for example, integrates lighting, curtains, HVAC, energy monitoring, security alarm and other power commanding functions together. Simply through a smartphone app, you can remotely control all of them. What’s more, the dry contact input method increases the user’s selectivity to the switch panel, and better matches the decorative style. Besides, KNX Room Controller Premium 3.0 has different relays, which can also adapt to different current output and input to increase product compatibility.

Performance impact – improving IEQ  Room controllers will significantly help control indoor environmental quality. They can be flexibly controlled, arbitrarily switch the scenes, to meet the users’ needs, and finally improve the overall comfort. Due to the use of digital automation machine control, the quality of the environment could be easily controlled at the same level in each room, accurate and convenient.

The difference between the traditional room controller?

The disadvantages of traditional room controller mainly come down to separate applications, duplication of device control, and complexity. Different equipment in the traditional room is controlled independently, which greatly affects the convenience of operation. At the same time, the control terminals are also separated from each other, making the management of different equipment seem repetitive and redundant. This separation of control not only limits the switching of scenes but also makes the quick response to emergencies more difficult, thus increases safety risks.

KNX Room Controller: A Powerful Hub to Unite Our House as OneKNX Room Controller: A Powerful Hub to Unite Our House as One

In the process of updating and iterating the room controller, KNX Room Controller Premium 3.0 is trying to solve the problems presented by traditional controllers. It uses a room controller protocol to control all devices uniformly and uses a single mobile app for remote control. This greatly facilitates the whole process from command to response, makes life safer, more comfortable, healthier and more energy-saving.

In the era of technological innovation, we are connecting more often with big data and intelligence. With the help of the room controller, a safe, comfortable, convenient and modern intelligent living environment is changing the way of life.