Is watermelon shisha good?

Is watermelon shisha good?

The candy watermelon flavor of this hookah tobacco is excellent and the smoke is very smooth, producing some pretty big clouds of shisha smoke. The bowls have a tendency to become very sweet over time. The shisha is mostly short cut and is incredibly juicy, giving it that wallop of watermelon flavor!

Which shisha Flavour is the best Al Fakher?

Best Flavours From Al-Fakher Tobacco

  • Al-Fakher Double Apple. The most common and traditional flavour!
  • Al Fakher Mint. Al-Fakher’s mint tobacco is a smooth and refreshing fresh mint leaf flavour.
  • Al Fakher Grape Mint.
  • Al Fakher Orange.
  • Al Fakher Blueberry.

How much nicotine is in Al Fakher shisha?

Three waterpipe tobacco brands were used: Nakhla (0.5% nicotine), Starbuzz (0.05% nicotine), and Al Fakher (0.05% nicotine).

What is Blue Mist Shisha Flavour?

Starbuzz Blue Mist hookah tobacco has a very sweet blueberry flavor with a hint of mint that comes out in the aftertaste. The mint doesn’t really come out in flavor, but in a soothing tingly sensation. You are assured to have a relaxing session when smoking this shisha.

Where is Al Fakher from?

An internationally renowned brand, Al Fakher shisha is manufactured in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), right near the heart of the hookah. We at South Smoke are proud to carry this authentic, premium hookah flavored tobacco brand.

What is in Al Fakher shisha?

And what’s inside Golden Al Fakher, you ask? The answer is a unique blend of French tobacco leaves and all-natural ingredients like honey for a taste that’s smooth and packed with flavor. One session with Al Fakher Golden Series and you’ll all be talking about it around the hookah for years to come!

What’s the difference between Al Fakher and Starbuzz?

Al Fakher is somewhere between a mid-range and a Premium shisha; its flavors are bolder and longer lasting than other tobaccos, though less than Starbuzz or Romman. Exercising their experience in big smoke and juicy flavors, Romman created Al Tawareg to be a shisha as good as it is affordable.

Does all Al Fakher have nicotine?

Al Fakher Herbal Shisha is made with the highest quality herbal ingredients, It is 100% tobacco-free, nicotine-free, and available in a verity of mouth-watering traditional flavors. Just choose your favorite flavor!