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Is the Jericho 941 a good gun?

Is the Jericho 941 a good gun?

After running the Jericho 941 through its paces, we found it to be well-designed, well-constructed and pleasant to shoot. It certainly meets the criteria for a service-grade, full-size, hammer-fired pistol with room for accessories.

Is Jericho 941 a Baby Desert Eagle?

The IWI Jericho 941 is a double-action/single-action semi-automatic pistol developed by Israel Military Industries (now Israel Weapon Industries) that was launched in 1990. as the Baby Eagle until the end of 2008. Some pistols from Magnum Research are marked Desert Eagle Pistol.

Who makes the Jericho pistol?

IWI US, Inc.
Jericho® 941 | IWI US, Inc.

How many rounds does a Jericho 941 hold?

Each Jericho 941 comes with two standard capacity magazines or two 10 round magazines for consumers who reside in states with magazine capacity restrictions….Restricted States:

Model Number(s) J941F9
Barrel Length 4.4″
Overall Length 8.2″
Weight 2.3 lbs.
Rifling 1:10 RH, Polygonal

What gun does Spike Spiegel use?

The Spike Kit is a reference to the popular anime Cowboy Bebop, in which the character Spike Spiegel uses a Jericho 941 R (the grip pad of which the Spike Grip gives) as his weapon of choice, with a custom frame very similar to that obtained with the mod.

What gun did Spike Spiegel use?

Who owns Israel Weapon Industries?

Mr. Samy Katsav
IWI US, Inc. is a proud member of the SK Group, owned by Mr. Samy Katsav, a leading group of global Defense and Security companies that includes: IWI – Israel Weapons Industries Ltd.; IWI US, Inc., Meprolight Ltd.

Is Jericho 941 legal in California?

Jericho 941 pistols are used by civilians and elite forces around the world including the Israeli police. IWI US will also carry CO, CT, DC, HI, IL, MD, NJ and NY compliant pistols with 10-round magazines (no models available for CA and MA).

Does iwi make the Desert Eagle?

Kahr Arms, owner of Magnum Research, is now offering the classic Desert Eagle pistol originally produced by Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) in . 44 Magnum and . 50 Action Express. Since 2009, Desert Eagle pistols have been made at Magnum Research’s facility in Minnesota.

What pistol does Spike Spiegel use?

What kind of gun is the IWI Jericho 941?

IWI Jericho 941-FS 45 ACP 3.8″ 10 Rd – $549 The Jericho 941 steel frame, semi-auto, short-recoil model will be available in full-size and semi-compact in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP caliber. The pistol features adjustable sights, an integral MIL-STD 1913 rail, an ergonomic grooved pistol grip and ships

What’s the price of a Jericho 9mm handgun?

Used Jericho 941FL Handgun, 9mm – $391.99 What many consider an improvement over the standard 941, the 941FL features a frame-mounted thumb safety for faster disengagement. Introduced in 1990, the Model 941 series was the standard issue sidearm for the Israeli Security Services until replaced by the

What’s the best price for a used Jericho 941?

Used Jericho 941FSL Handgun w/Damaged Grip, 9mm, Blued – $274.39 HANDYMAN SPECIALThis used Jericho 941FSL is a terrific opportunity to get a quality handgun at a great price. Because the grips have been damaged, prices have been reduced below what it costs to fix or cover the grip. You’ll receive a

What kind of steel is the IWI Jericho?

IWI Jericho 941 F 9mm 4.4″ Barrel 16 Rnd Black Steel – $569 IWI US, Inc 941 Jericho, Full Size, 9MM, 4.4″ Barrel, Steel Frame, Black Finish, Synthetic Grips, Adjustable Sights, 16Rd, 2 Magazines J941F9 Specifications: Fulfillable: 0 Stock Number: IWIJ941F9 Manufacturer