Is the elipson Planet M A subwoofer?

Is the elipson Planet M A subwoofer?

To this end Elipson has released the Planet subwoofer to partner the M. The Planet M is likely to be mostly used in surround systems but it is also available as a pair and the stereo heritage of Elipson (more of which later) means that the company is eager for it to be seen as a stereo product as well.

Is the elipson Planet L available in the UK?

The Elipson Planet L range has been available in the UK for roughly a year now and has been well received, including a Highly Recommended when AVForums reviewed it here. The Planet M joins its bigger brother and is designed around the same principles.

What kind of loudspeaker is elipson known for?

Elipson is one of the less well known French brands but they have a considerable claim to fame. For decades, they were the official loudspeaker of French television and broadcasting and many studios followed suit in using them for monitoring. Elipson is as synonymous with French television as smoking, philosophical debate and gratuitous nudity.