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Is the Alcatel 1 dual SIM?

Is the Alcatel 1 dual SIM?

The Alcatel 1 in black color is an ultra-economic Dual SIM smartphone with a fluid Android Go, 4G connectivity and an elegant metallic design.

Does Alcatel One Touch support 4G?

It comes with 1GB of RAM. The Alcatel OneTouch Pixi 3 (7) 4G runs Android 5.0 and is powered by a 2820mAh non-removable battery.

Who makes Alcatel One Touch?

TCL Communication
ALCATEL ONETOUCH designs, develops, and markets smartphones, feature phones, tablets, wearables, mobile broadband products and services, and accessories. The company is a brand within TCL Communication, an international multicultural company that offers mobile and internet devices.

When did the Alcatel One Touch?

12 July 2013
Alcatel One Touch Fire

Brand Alcatel Mobile Phones
First released 12 July 2013
Successor Alcatel One Touch Fire C
Related Alcatel One Touch T’Pop
Type Smartphone

What SIM does an Alcatel 1 use?


SIM card type Information about the type and size (form factor) of the SIM card used in the device. Nano-SIM (4FF – fourth form factor, since 2012, 12.30 x 8.80 x 0.67 mm)
Number of SIM cards Information about the number of SIM cards, supported by the device. 1

What size SIM does the Alcatel 1 use?

nano SIMs
2. Insert SIM. Place your SIM as illustrated next to the SIM holder. Please note that your phone only supports nano SIMs.

How do I change the network mode on my Alcatel One Touch?

Switch 2G / 4G

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Recent Apps key to bring up the Menu.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Under ‘WIRELESS & NETWORKS,’ tap More.. to expand the menu.
  4. Tap Mobile networks.
  5. Tap Network mode.
  6. Select the desired setting: WCDMA only (3G) GSM only (2G) GSM / WCDMA auto. WCDMA.

How do I turn off 3G on my Alcatel One Touch?

From the home screen press the Menu button. Move the cursor to Settings and press the OK button. Move the cursor to Connectivity and press the OK button. Move the cursor to Data connection and press the OK button to enable or disable mobile data.

How old is the Alcatel One Touch?

The Alcatel One Touch 980 (stylized as one touch 980 and commonly abbreviated as Alcatel OT-980) is a touchscreen slider smartphone manufactured by TCL Communication. The phone was announced on February 15, 2010 at the Mobile World Congress.

What operating system is Alcatel 1?

Android Oreo
Alcatel 1 is based on Android Oreo (Go edition) and packs 8GB of inbuilt storage that can be expanded via microSD card (up to 32GB). The Alcatel 1 is a single SIM (GSM) mobile.