Is Sun Hill police station real?

Is Sun Hill police station real?

The Bill is set in and around Sun Hill police station, in the fictional “Canley Borough Operational Command Unit” in East London.

Is The Bill TV series coming back?

Famed British police drama The Bill could return to screens after more than 10 years away, according to reports. After writers acquired the original rights to the hit show, two new series are thought to be in the works, according to The Sun.

Was The Bill filmed in a real police station?

Sun Hill police station
2. THE ORIGINAL SET WAS TINY. The first series of The Bill was filmed on a shoestring budget in Wapping, East London, with the interior of “Sun Hill police station” actually housed within a former cigarette packing factory.

What year did The Bill end?

August 31, 2010
The Bill/Final episode date

Does BritBox have The Bill?

The 26th and final season of classic police procedural The Bill, is now available on BritBox.

What happened to Reg from The Bill?

On 8 January 2008, Stewart cut his wrists after being told that his contract for The Bill would not be renewed. He survived the suicide attempt after calling for help and being taken to hospital by an ambulance. He later said of the incident: “I love being an actor.

Who set the Sun Hill Fire?

The arsonist in 2002’s fire, the now deceased ex-PC Des Taviner, is mentioned by PC Tony Stamp in Episode 289.

When did Roy Galloway leave The Bill?

D.I. Roy Galloway was a character from The Bill from 1983 to 1987.

What happened to Sgt Smith in the bill?

Cryer’s career ended when Smithy accidentally shot him during a hostage scenario not long after completing his training. Cryer did not bear any malice, but Chandler took the opportunity to have Cryer retired. Two years later, Smithy returned to Sun Hill as the new Sergeant following the death of Sgt.

Who was the longest serving actor in the bill?

Simon Rouse
Simon Rouse, as Jack Meadows, appeared in 884 episodes, including the series finale “Respect”. He is the longest serving actor to portray a character in a senior role.

Why are police called The Bill?

Growing up in South London the term ‘old bill’ came from Bill and Ben the flower pot men, a children’s puppet show on TV. The Police always patrolled in two’s, hence people would say here comes Bill & Ben which then got shortened to here comes the bill.

Where is Sun Hill in the real world?

The fictional Sun Hill suburb is located in the fictional London borough of Canley in the East End, north of the River Thames.

How did Sun Hill police station get its name?

Sun Hill is a fictional London suburb which is the setting for British police television drama series The Bill. Sun Hill is also the name of the Metropolitan Police Station at which the drama is based. Geoff McQueen, creator of The Bill, claimed that he named Sun Hill after a street name in his home town of Royston, Hertfordshire .

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Where is the police office in Sun Hill?

The location of the front office is on Windsor Avenue, and the entrance to the production office is on Deer Park Road. 01SO [01 – Metropolitan Police, SO – Sun Hill] – rarely used on screen however in the 1990s any shots of PNC shown in CAD would display this as the FS code.