Is Schecter c6 good?

Is Schecter c6 good?

For anyone looking for a beginner guitar, Schecter C-6 is an excellent choice. The guitar is well-made, sounds great, and it allows you to play around with effects and pedals. There really isn’t a downside to it, other than the player’s taste….Neck.

Number of Frets 24
Fret Size Narrow X-Jumbo
Nut Graphite

Where are Schecter Diamond Series guitars made?

South Korea
A: Schecter Diamond Series guitars and basses are manufactured in South Korea(unless otherwise specified on the guitar), and 100% set up in the USA, in Schecter’s Burbank, CA facility. Schecter Custom Shop guitars and basses are 100% handmade in Burbank.

How are jazz guitars different?

The jazz guitar is much more different than most other guitars, as it puts a heavy focus on technical ability and music theory. Getting that jazzy sound that’s so famous doesn’t really come from a specific guitar. You can play a jazz sound on a regular acoustic or electric guitar, if you are playing the proper chords.

Does Schecter still make Diamond Series?

At the 1998 summer NAMM show, Schecter introduced the Diamond Series, which included six affordably priced non-custom guitars. In 1999, Schecter added the seven string “A-7 Avenger” guitar to the ‘Diamond Series’. The Diamond Series is still in production to this day.

How many guitars are in the Schecter Diamond Series?

The Diamond Series guitars were primarily made using mix-and-match parts from past popular Schecter models. The series itself is huge. Each model is made up of up to 10 variants, like seven- and even eight-string models. (We’ve made sure to pick one variant for each guitar in the series for our review.)

What kind of body does a Schecter Guitar have?

The C-6 Plus models are new for 2016. The C-6 line is the budget line for Schecter. The Plus models have high quality screened finishes painted in an assortment of bursts. These guitars are composed of a basswood body, maple neck, and a “Thin C” neck.

What kind of neck does a Schecter diamond have?

These guitars are composed of a basswood body, maple neck, and a “Thin C” neck. Schecter Diamond pickups and in-house string thru TOMs are the only options for the Plus series. The Deluxe series ranges from 6 to 8 strings. The specs are exactly the same in these as the Plus series, except these come in solid white or black colors.

What kind of tuner do I need for Schecter Diamond?

A mahogany body and set “Thin C” mahogany neck gives you a nice full sounding tone. Hardtail guitars get Schecter locking tuners, while the Floyd Rose-equipped guitars have Grover tuners. You also get really nicely done abalone or pearloid binding and gothic cross inlays!