Is SaxoTraderGO free?

Is SaxoTraderGO free?

SaxoTraderGO is free to set up with no monthly platform subscription fees. However, some features – such as level 2 market data – require a subscription.

What is SaxoTraderGO?

Saxo Markets’ SaxoTraderGO is one platform that enables you to buy and sell assets such as stocks, ETFs, funds, bonds, options, futures, forex and CFDs online.

Is Saxotrader safe?

Alongside access to trading 40,000 instruments, Saxo Bank offers reliable customer service and excellent pricing across the board. Better still, Saxo Bank’s flagship platform, SaxoTraderGo, is terrific, including everything traders require to navigate the market.

Does Saxo have inactivity fee?

Saxo doesn’t charge inactivity fees for clients onboarded through Saxo Capital Markets Singapore.

Is the SaxoTrader platform available on Windows 10?

The SaxoTrader platform, both live trading and the demo trading, are available on Windows.

What do you need to know about SaxoTrader?

SaxoTrader is a platform that enables you to trade Forex, CFDs, ETFs, Stocks, Futures and Options. The program helps users make trading decisions with real-time execution.

Can you use saxotraderpro as a professional investor?

SaxoTraderPRO can be downloaded for free with no monthly charges. However, some features – such as Level 2 market data – require a subscription. Can I use SaxoTraderPRO as a professional or institutional investor? You can. At Saxo, we create tailored solutions that suit your needs.

Is the Saxo group a licensed trading bank?

Saxo Group is a fully licenced and regulated bank, and a global leader in online trading and investing. We provide multi-asset access to global financial markets from a single cross-currency, margin account.