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Is pericallis Hardy?

Is pericallis Hardy?

Pericallis Growing Instructions It thrives in full or partial sun and prefers a rich, slightly moist soil. When grown in containers use a commercial potting soil mix. Just remember that pericallis is heat-sensitive so plant it early when the temperatures are cool–they can tolerate temperatures as low as 35 degrees F.

Will pericallis rebloom?

Unmatched for winter and early season color, the plants stay beautiful for weeks indoors then rebloom after they move outside. WIll tolerate low temperatures outside in early spring.

Does Senetti come back every year?

Senetti plants will tolerate temperatures down to -1°C and produce flowers through to June. Once the flowers have faded, trim the plants back to 10-15cm above the compost and allow the plants to grow back for a second flush of flowers later in the year.

Is Senetti an indoor plant?

Until recently all material was raised from seed, Senetti is the first Pericallis to come from vegetative cuttings. We say ‘Spring Garden Colours’ but you can also use Senetti as an indoor plant! Just put it on a place permeable to light, with room temperature and it will flourish.

Will Senetti survive frost?

This amazing plant comes into bloom from March or early April and repeat flowers for months. They tolerate cold nights and even a light frost with no damaging effect.

Are lupins perennial?

Border lupins, which come in a range of vibrant flower colours. These are usually perennials, so they die down in winter and re-sprout in spring. A few are annuals, which last just one year.

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How tall does a Pericallis plant get to be?

These easy-care flowers look terrific in containers or flower borders. Growing 8 to 12 inches tall, pericallis, occasionally called cineraria (and sometimes Senetti after some popular varieties of the plant), produces daisy-like flowers in a variety of bold shades including purple, blue, pink, rose and bi-color.

When is the best time to plant Pericallis?

The Easter-egg colors of pericallis are a joy to behold in the early spring. These easy-care flowers look terrific in containers or flower borders.

Is the Pericallis plant good for early birds?

Pericallis thrives in cool weather and makes a great companion for other early-birds such as pansy and sweet alyssum. Generally considered an annual, pericallis is a tender perennial in regions with cool, moist summers. The plants are also attractive to butterflies and deer resistant.