Is Optimus Prime going to return?

Is Optimus Prime going to return?

The Quintesson warns that—should anything go too awry during the process — there’s a good chance that Optimus will never live again. It’s touch-and-go for a while, but eventually, the Quintesson manages to pull through and Optimus is restored to full life, declaring that “no force in the Universe can stop me.”

Is Optimus the 13th prime?

After years of neglect from the X-Men writers, Chamber began moonlighting as a Transformers character. The Thirteenth Prime was Optimus Prime, the mediator and visionary of the Primes, who united them by being the first of their number to raise a hand in greeting.

Who is the next prime after Optimus in Transformers Prime?

After Optimus Prime’s first death in 1986, it was the young Hot Rod who was chosen to succeed the fallen leader; Hot Rod opened the Matrix of Leadership and became Rodimus Prime.

Who is the highest ranking Autobot?

Autobots, roll out!

  • #8 Prowl.
  • #7 Jetfire/Skyfire.
  • #6 Ironhide.
  • #5 Hot Rod aka Rodimus Prime.
  • #4 Drift.
  • #3 Grimlock.
  • #2 Bumblebee. Everyone’s favorite yellow Autobot makes his way to #2 on our list.
  • #1 Optimus Prime. Coming in at #1 is the leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime.

What happens in the return of Optimus Prime Part 2?

The Return of Optimus Prime: Part 2. The spores have spread across the Galaxy. Optimus hopes to find a cure in the Matrix, which is inside Rodimus Prime, but Rodimus has been infected by the spores. Optimus must find a way to get the matrix, without becoming infected.

Why was the Matrix lost in Optimus Prime?

Rodimus (now once more Hot Rod, without the Matrix within him) notes that the Matrix is now empty, its wisdom supposedly lost in order to stop the plague.

Who is the first Autobot Optimus Prime encounters?

Upon entering the Matrix of Leadership, the first Autobot that Optimus Prime encounters is Rodimus Prime; then he converses with Alpha Trion. The latter’s appearance there is somewhat puzzling, as it was previously established (and later reiterated) that he had merged with Vector Sigma.