Is Louisburg cider pasteurized?

Is Louisburg cider pasteurized?

Our Cider is 100% Apple Cider (Not from concentrate)! We pasteurize our Apple Cider and use only apples from the good old USA.

Can apple cider be pasteurized?

You can pasteurize apple cider at home for an extra margin of safety. To pasteurize, heat it to at least 160 degrees. If you don’t have an appropriate thermometer, heat to simmering (when bubbles appear on the surface). Apple cider and juice are sometimes served at day care centers and schools.

Is Yates apple cider pasteurized?

Yates cider is made without preservatives. We use a UV light process to treat our cider instead of pasteurization. The UV process provides a safe product that doesn’t alter the taste and color like pasteurization can.

How long is Louisburg apple cider good for after opening?

Louisburg Apple Cider 1/2 Gallon- Shelf Stable It has been heat pasteurized and is not temperature sensitive, which means that no refrigeration is needed for up to a year, until the jug has been opened. Once opened, you can expect it to last 2-3 weeks in the fridge, if it stays around that long!

Who owns the Louisburg Cider Mill?

Thus began their 40-year love affair, not just with each other, but with a business. Tom and Shelly Schierman founded the Louisburg Cider Mill with Shelly’s father, Emmett O’Rear, who in 1973-74 purchased the 80 acres where the Miami County attraction still is today.

Is Louisburg apple cider gluten free?

Our Apple Cider tastes like it came straight from the tree—because it did! Our preservative-free process makes our delicious apple cider naturally free of all gluten.

How do I know if apple cider is pasteurized?

The pasteurized cider, at left, is cloudy, more opaque, even milky looking compared to its neighbor, though both are a similar shade of brown. All apple cider smells a little like bruised apples, but the pasteurized cider also smells like filtered apple juice.

How do you pasteurize unpasteurized apple cider?

To pasteurize the cider, heat it to at least 160-185 degrees Fahrenheit. Skim off the foam. Pour the hot cider into heated, clean and sanitized glass or plastic containers. Refrigerate immediately.

Are pets allowed at Yates Cider Mill?

Yates Cider Mill is pet-friendly. Located in Rochester, Michigan, the mill traces its roots to 1863, when it was known as Yates Grist Mill. Call (248) 651-8300 for more information. …

Does Yates Cider Mill have a petting zoo?

Let your children have the time of their life taking a ride on one of our gentle ponies in the historic environment at Yates Cider Mill! Children And Adults Alike Will Love Our Petting Zoo! On Saturdays and Sundays in September & October until 6pm, many goats, sheep, and maybe a llama or two fill our Petting Zoo.

Does pasteurized apple cider go bad?

So, does apple cider go bad? Technically no, but the cider will slowly transform into a more acidic-tasting beverage.

Does pasteurized apple cider need to be refrigerated?

Apple Juice begins as Cider, and then it is heated to pasteurize the product. This process makes the juice shelf stable, which means it does not need to be refrigerated until opened and it has a long shelf life.