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Is a big year in birding real?

Is a big year in birding real?

This birdwatching story had the advantage of being based on real life — the pitch was based on the 2004 nonfiction book, also called The Big Year. Jack Black and real-life birdwatcher Greg Miller pose on the set of The Big Year in British Columbia.

Who is the greatest birder in the world?

Meet Noah Strycker, the world’s greatest birdwatcher In 2015, Noah Strycker travelled to 41 countries on all seven continents, seeing more species in a single year than any birder in history.

How many birds are needed for a big year?

Regarding a state Big Year, John Sterling set a California record in 2015 of 490 (NIB: No introduced birds were counted). A passage from the ABA blog reads: “California birder John Sterling set a record for a Big Year for the Golden State with an even 500, 490 of which were non-introduced birds.

Who is the number one birder?

Jeremy Dominguez
USA Contiguous 48 States big year rankings

Rank Name Species count
1 Jeremy Dominguez 724
2 Olaf Danielson 723
3 John Weigel 721
4 David McQuade 715

Who holds the big year birding record?

The ABA big year record of 840 species was set by John Weigel of Australia in 2019 The world big year record of 6,852 species was set in 2016 by Arjan Dwarshuis of the Netherlands.

What is the record for the most birds seen in one year?

Beginning in Antarctica on New Year’s Day 2015, the 29-year-old Oregon man crisscrossed 41 countries on all seven continents on his way to shattering the record for most bird species seen in a single year. * Of the estimated 10,400 bird species on Earth, Strycker saw 6,042 of them in just 365 days.

What was the North American Birding record in 1998?

When Sandy Komito (the cheery guy played by Owen Wilson in the movie The Big Year) saw 748 species in 1998, many thought his North American birding record would last forever. In fact, Komito’s number stood for 15 years—until Neil Hayward managed to log 749 species during his frenzied transcontinental run.

What’s the world record for birding in Australia?

For Weigel, an American ex-pat now living in Australia, this is just another drop in the birding bucket. He’s completed two previous Big Years Down Under, and his Australian record of 770 species still holds. Turning his attention to North America seemed like the natural thing to do.

What was the record number of birds in a year?

In 1992 Bill Rydell made a serious attempt at the record and ended with 714 species for the year. In 1998, three birders, Sandy Komito, Al Levantin, and Greg Miller, chased Komito’s prior record of 722 birds.

Who was the fastest birder to reach 700 species?

In the same year, Virginia birder Robert Ake ended the year with 731 species, an extraordinary total achieved without the benefit of the relatively unique weather effects of 1998. In 2011, Colorado birder John Vanderpoel became the fastest birder on record to reach 700 species in a year.