Is 2nd stage breast cancer curable?

Is 2nd stage breast cancer curable?

Stage II breast cancers are curable with current multi-modality treatment consisting of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and hormonal therapy. Effective treatment of stage II breast cancer requires both local and systemic therapy.

Is chemotherapy necessary for Stage 2 breast cancer?

Neoadjuvant and adjuvant systemic therapy (chemo and other drugs) Systemic therapy is recommended for some women with stage II breast cancer. Some systemic therapies are given before surgery (neoadjuvant therapy), and others are given after surgery (adjuvant therapy).

Is Stage 2 breast cancer early?

Stage 2 breast cancer means that the cancer is either in the breast or in the nearby lymph nodes or both. It is an early stage breast cancer. The stage of a cancer tells you how big it is and how far it has spread. It helps your doctor decide which treatment you need.

How long can you live with Stage 2 breast cancer?

Stage 2. Around 90 out of 100 women (around 90%) will survive their cancer for 5 years or more after diagnosis.

Can you fully recover from breast cancer?

Most people fully recover with treatment. Talk with your doctor if you develop any new symptoms after radiation therapy or if the side effects are not going away.

How long can one live with Stage 2 breast cancer?

According to the American Cancer Society, the five-year survival rate for stage 2 breast cancer is 93% for women who have completed treatment. By contrast, women with stage 3 cancer have a five-year survival rate of 72%. Treatments have improved greatly over that time, so you may hope for longer-term survival if you are newly diagnosed.

What is the treatment for Stage 2 breast cancer?

The stage 2 breast cancer chemotherapy can be done both prior and after mastectomy surgery. The Chemotherapy treatment involves the use of anti-cancer (cytotoxic) drugs to obliterate the cancer cells. This treatment works if the cancer cells have ER2 & PR2 protein receptors.

What are the types of Stage 2 breast cancer?

Stage II breast cancer indicates a slightly more advanced form of the disease. At this stage, the cancer cells have spread beyond the original location and into the surrounding breast tissue, and the tumor is larger than in stage I disease. However, stage II means the cancer has not spread to a distant part of the body.

How serious is Stage 2 of cancer?

Stage II (2) of lung cancer is still considered an early stage, yet some stage II cancers include metastases to nearby lymph nodes. Today, the standard of care for this stage consists of surgery followed by chemotherapy. Deaths from lung cancer are the most common among all cancer-caused deaths in the United States. Often, it is a serious illness with the potential to progress quickly.