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How should tooltips work on mobile?

How should tooltips work on mobile?

Effective tooltips appear precisely when users need them. Tooltips should be prominent and easy to find but should not obstruct important information on the screen. Review every tooltip in your app to ensure that it makes sense.

Are tooltips bad for UX?

When thinking about optimal UX, good tooltip design can have a big influence on users understanding your functionality and eventually succeeding. Conversely, bad tooltip design presents tooltips as irritants and they lose all credibility.

Are tooltips good UX?

Tooltips are best when they provide additional explanation for a form field unfamiliar to some users or reasoning for what may seem like an unusual request. Remember that tooltips disappear, so instructions or other directly actionable information, like field requirements, shouldn’t be in a tooltip.

What is a tooltip in an app?

A tooltip is a small descriptive message that appears near a view when users long press the view or hover their mouse over it. You can use tooltips to display a descriptive message, as shown in figure 1. Figure 1. Tooltip displayed in an Android app.

What is the difference between tooltip and Popover?

Tooltip: use tooltips to show a short text to respondents when they hover over a word or icon. Popover: use popovers to show a longer text, or when you want to have a link to an external web page. It is shown when the respondent clicks on a word or icon.

What are tooltips in Windows 10?

A tooltip is a small pop-up window that labels the unlabeled control being pointed to, such as unlabeled toolbar controls or command buttons. A typical tooltip for a toolbar button.

What are tooltips used for?

“Tooltips are text labels that appear when the user hovers over, focuses on, or touches an element. Tooltips identify an element when they are activated. They may contain brief helper text about its function. For example, they may contain text information about actionable icons.

Are tooltips bad?

At best, tooltips make users jump through a series of hurdles in order to access the content. At worst, they’re not seen and totally inaccessible. A better alternative is to just show the content in situ, or better yet, design the interface so that users don’t need the additional guidance in the first place.

How long should tooltips be?

Keep the text short—fewer than 150 characters and no more than two lines of body text make for easier reading. If your message needs to be longer, consider breaking up the message across multiple tooltips, or use a modal window or slideout instead.

Where do you place tooltips?

The tooltip text is placed inside an inline element (like ) with class=”tooltiptext” . CSS: The tooltip class use position:relative , which is needed to position the tooltip text ( position:absolute ).

Can you use Tooltips and popovers inside a modal component?

You can use tooltips, popovers and modal windows in surveys and ReportBuilder elements. They CANNOT be used in emails.

Is it easy to see tooltips on mobile?

On desktop, tooltips are easy to display because the user has a mouse hover and ample screen space. This allows the user to trigger and read the tooltip with ease. But on mobile, it’s more of a challenge because screen space is limited and there is no mouse hover.

How to display tooltips on mobile forms-UX movement?

This begs the question of what the best way to display tooltips on a mobile form is. A mobile tooltip must always be easy to spot, tap, and read. This will be determined by the appearance of the icon and how you position your tooltip. Larger icons are easier to tap than smaller icons.

When do you not need to use tooltips?

You shouldn’t use tooltips in following situations: When users need to interact with the tip’s content. Users can’t interact with tip’s content because moving the mouse makes them disappear. When users run your app or site on a mobile device. Tooltips do not translate well on touch devices.

Can a tooltip be activated on a touch device?

When users run your app or site on a mobile device. Tooltips do not translate well on touch devices. Yes, you can design tooltip to be activated upon touch, but it won’t be the most predictable interaction for your users. Good tooltip has following properties: