How old is the LG G4?

How old is the LG G4?

The LG G4 is an Android smartphone developed by LG Electronics as part of the LG G series. Unveiled on 28 April 2015 and first released in South Korea on 29 April 2015 and widely released in June 2015, as the successor to 2014’s G3.

What happened to the LG G4?

Page 1 of 3LG G4 review: Discontinued and forgotten. Released in April 2015, the LG G4 used to be a flagship phone and was among the only phones in the market that had an all-leather design. That clearly didn’t work out for LG, as it has since been discontinued and replaced by the LG G6 (and the LG G7, too).

How long does an LG phone last?

1.5 to 2 years
The length of life for a phone, according to LG, is 1.5 to 2 years depending on the specific model’s popularity. That being said, they don’t make any promises about delivering a certain number of OS updates for a specific period of time. Google’s latest operating system is Android 8.0 (Oreo).

Why LG is shutting down?

Topline. South Korean electronics giant LG is exiting the smartphone business after years of losses to focus on other growing businesses the company announced on Monday, a decision that will leave a sizeable gap in the American smartphone market where LG is the third biggest brand after Apple and Samsung.

What Sim does LG G4 take?

micro SIM card
This device uses a micro SIM card.

How much memory does LG G4 have?


Memory Card slot microSDXC (dedicated slot)
Internal 32GB 3GB RAM
eMMC 5.0

Is the LG G4 a good cell phone?

The Good The LG G4 has a sharp and generously sized display, a bevy of camera controls and raw image shooting, a replaceable battery and expandable storage. The Bad Though the phone’s battery life is adequate, it doesn’t last as long as its competitors.

What kind of back cover does the LG G4 have?

The G4 has a number of design options, with three different kinds of material for the back cover. The first is vegetable-dyed stitched leather over plastic, which includes light blue, black and tannish brown. The other back plates have either a ceramic paint or metallic elements.

What’s the difference between the LG G4 and G Flex 2?

Similar to the LG G Flex 2 , the G4’s display is curved. However, the former is arched about four times steeper, whereas the curve on the latter is barely noticeable to the eye. In fact, you can only really see it if you place the phone face down on a flat surface.

How big is the screen on the LG G4?

The G4 in tan leather. Like its predecessor, the G4 sports a 5.5-inch LCD display. The quad-HD touchscreen is razor-sharp, with graphics, images, text and movies appearing incredibly crisp.