How old is Dong Yi in the movie?

How old is Dong Yi in the movie?

Six years have gone by and Dong Yi is now a young woman. Then, a meteorite is landed in the palace, a bad omen. Jang Ok Jeong’s protesters blame this on her. Furthermore, the Western… read more

How did Dong yi’s father and brother die?

Episodes 1-4 recap: Dong Yi’s father and brother are killed on the mountain top, while Chun Soo falls off the cliff. Chief Suh catches up with Dong Yi on a mountain but allows her to escape. Determined to prove that her father is innocent, Dong Yi refuses to escape with Gaeduara.

How did Dong Yi escape the bad guy?

Dong Yi manages to escape before she is killed by the bad guy. She finds a policeman but when they go back to the barn, the body is gone. The capital is in turmoil because of the bad… read more The King keeps saying who he is. Luckily, Chief Seo and his men arrive and save the day.

Why did Dong Yi bump into the Crown Prince?

But he bumps into the Crown Prince instead. The Crown Prince is nice to him thinking that he is merely one of the poor children who has got lost. JOJ doesn’t recognise him either and only sees a cheeky low born child. She wants to punish him for daring to come near the Crown Prince!

Who was behind the bribe in Dong Yi?

Dong Yi runs to the home of Chief Seo’s colleague with the proof that Jang Ok Jeong and Jang Hee Jae are behind the bribe. But, the assassins arrive and kill everyone.

How did Dong Yi save Jang Ok jeong?

Dong Yi is saved by the King’s guard. She tells him that she has evidence to prove Jang Ok Jeong is innocent. The King and Chief Seo gather in the morgue to watch the procedure again.… read more The court lady investigators don’t want to accept Dong Yi because of her low class origin.

Is the TV series Dong Yi based on a true story?

It also recorded solid viewership ratings in the mid-20% to 30% range in South Korea, and Han won acting awards for her performance including “Daesang (Grand Prize)” at the MBC Drama Awards . Set during the reign of King Sukjong in the Joseon dynasty, the series is based on real-life historical figure Choi Suk-bin .

Which is the best period drama in Korea?

THE BEST PERIOD DRAMA THIS YEAR IS DONG YI. The story become more interesting when Dong Yi still doesn’t know Sookjong is a King. There will be another comical and funny situation. and Dong Yi love Sookjong before she know he is the King. so beautiful, his expression will priceless.

How many sons did King Yongjo give Dong Yi?

Dong Yi status jump from bottom of social level to the top. The King took her as a concubine and she gave him three sons and the second son became King Yongjo (really famous king). i really like Korean period drama, but i notice from the first ep that they use some modern things! i wish they will be careful because it will spoiled affect

What happens to Ok jung in Dong Yi?

Ok-jung announces her pregnancy after she receives the royal concubine rank. She later gives birth to a boy. Her brother, Jang Hee-jae, receives a promotion to royal police chief. The Queen Mother Error: please try again. Dong Yi is questioned by the police about the disappearance of a doctor.