How much rain does Boise City get a year?

How much rain does Boise City get a year?

The US average is 38 inches of rain per year….Climate Averages.

Boise, Idaho United States
Rainfall 13.0 in. 38.1 in.
Snowfall 17.5 in. 27.8 in.
Precipitation 87.0 days 106.2 days
Sunny 206 days 205 days

Does it snow in Boise City?

The average snowfall in Boise proper is 18 inches per year, which is well shy of the national average of 28 inches per year. This average of 18 inches falls between the tail end of November to the beginning of February. It rarely dumps tons of snow at once, however.

What is the average annual rainfall in Portland Oregon?

43 inches
Portland, Oregon gets 43 inches of rain, on average, per year. The US average is 38 inches of rain per year. Portland averages 3 inches of snow per year. The US average is 28 inches of snow per year.

What is the average yearly rainfall for Portland Oregon?

What is the driest place in Idaho?

the Snake River plateau
Most of the Snake River plateau receives less than 10 inches (250 mm) of precipitation annually, making it the driest part of the state.

Does it get humid in Boise?

Average humidity in Boise (Idaho) On average, January is the most humid. On average, July is the least humid month.

Does it really rain that much in Portland?

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t rain all day, every day in Portland. To keep its stunning, green figure, it does rain a lot of days here. The thing is that it’ll usually rain before you even wake up. Not only that, but the average Portland rainfall is just 0.01 inches per day.

What is the average temperature in Boise Idaho?

All Year January February March April May June July August September October November December. All Year Climate & Weather Averages in Boise. High Temp: 93 °F. Low Temp: 25 °F. Mean Temp: 53 °F. Precipitation: 0.47″. Humidity: 52%.

What are the current rainfall totals in Oklahoma?

Rainfall totals are given for the past 7, 10, 14, 30, 60, and 90 days up to the current date, as well as the total for the current month, year, and previous year.

How many days have it been in Boise Idaho?

Boise Temperature Records Boise’s Yearly Total of 100 degree Days or Warmer Boise’s Consecutive Days of 100 degrees or Warmer Boise’s “Hot” Streak Records