How much is an ad in the KC Star?

How much is an ad in the KC Star?

The Kansas City Star is the largest daily newspaper in the Kansas City, MO area. The newspaper has a daily circulation of approximately 260,000. It is owned by McClatchy Newspapers. The estimated ad rate for the newspaper is $530.00.

Where can I get a KC Star newspaper?

For help with your subscription or delivery, please visit or call 877-962-STAR (7827).

How much does the Sunday KC Star cost?

One Year of Digital Access $159.99 for 1 Year | Renews annually. Cancel anytime. Get unlimited access to stories on our website and app.

How do I contact the Kansas City Star newspaper?

1601 McGee St. To manage your account/subscription online or for delivery issues, please visit Subscription Service Center. To place a classified ad, you may use our online order entry….Customer Service.

Name/Email Title Work Phone
Customer Service Customer Service 877-962-7827

Who owns the Kansas City Star?

The Kansas City Star

The May 2, 2011 front page of The Kansas City Star, with headline reporting the killing of Osama bin Laden
Type Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) McClatchy
Publisher Tony Berg

What is the main newspaper in Kansas City Missouri?

The Kansas City Star
Newspapers. The Kansas City Star is the city’s primary newspaper, published daily.

Where is the Kansas City Star located?

1729 Grand Blvd, Kansas City, MO
Location: 1729 Grand Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64108. President and publisher: Mi-Ai Parrish. Print readership: 553,200 daily and 770,300 Sunday. Official Web site:

How do I cancel my Kansas City Star subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by calling 816-234-4636 or by visiting .

How do I cancel my subscription to The Kansas City Star?

How do I send a press release to the Kansas City Star?

Email us at [email protected] or contact Public Editor Derek Donovan at [email protected]

Is the Kansas City Star a good newspaper?

Customers who purchase a Kansas City Star subscription receive comprehensive and in-depth news coverage. A well respected newspaper with strong local focus, compelling feature articles and sharp editorial content, Kansas City Star newspaper readers are always well informed.

What do you get with Kansas City Star?

About Kansas City Star A Kansas City Star newspaper subscription delivers coverage of KC and beyond, including city crime and public-safety news, updates from around Missouri, sports, and Kansas City music and nightlife listings. Make the most of Kansas City life with the Star. Today’s Kansas City Star Offers

When does the Kansas City Star subscription start?

If you have any questions about your start date, or if your newspaper subscription does not begin as scheduled on the first day, please contact the Kansas City Star, so that we can send a reminder notification to the delivery carrier in your area. Does my Kansas City Star subscription include the Classified Ads section? Yes.

How to activate your Kansas City Star digital account?

How do I activate my Kansas City Star digital account? If you also receive delivery of the newspaper, you can activate your digital account here: Once you set up your login and password, please use those credentials whenever accessing our services on any of your devices.