How much horsepower does a white 2 155 have?

How much horsepower does a white 2 155 have?

White 2-155

White 2-155 Power
PTO (claimed): 155 hp 115.6 kW
Drawbar (tested): 131.33 hp 97.9 kW
PTO (tested): 157.73 hp 117.6 kW
power test details …

What tractor is white?

Today White is an AGCO brand. AGCO was formed in 1990 by former Deutz-Allis executives. The executives took over Deutz-Allis and then purchased the White tractor line and Hesston Corporation brands in 1991. The remaining White-New Idea Company was purchased by AGCO in 1993 from Allied.

Where are white tractors made?

In 1969, Oliver, Minneaplois-Moline and Cockshutt formed White Farm Equipment with headquarters in Oak Brook, Illionois. The parent company White Motor Corporation’s headquarters remained in Clevland, Ohio. The first White brand articulated 4wd tractors debuted in 1969.

What engine is in a white 2 155 tractor?

White 2-155 Engine

Engine Detail
Displacement: 478 ci 7.8 L
Bore/Stroke: 4.56×4.875 inches 116 x 124 mm

When did they stop making white tractors?

White farm tractors by model White was acquired by AGCO in 1991. AGCO continued to produce tractors under the AGCO-White brand until 2001, when it was dropped.

When was the last white tractor made?

White Motors, the parent company of the Oliver Corporation, acquired Cockshutt in 1962. The Cockshutt name continued to be used until 1972, when they were slowly phased out by White. Cockshutt tractors were never built again.

Did White tractors go out of business?

White Corporation bought Oliver in 1960. In 1974, they changed the name to White Farm Equipment. In 1985, White went bankrupt and Agco bought the remains.

How much does a professional tractor pull cost?

“Some guys spend $12,000 just in the motor,” Walter said. In the pro-stock class, it isn’t unheard of to spend upwards of $60,000. Though the activity can gobble up plenty of cash, the winning pull doesn’t always come from the most expensive machine.

Who owns White Farm Equipment?

White Farm Equipment/Parent organizations
White Farm Equipment is a brand of agricultural machinery owned by AGCO. The machinery is manufactured in AGCO and associated subsidiary’s factories or by 3rd party manufacturers and Badged as White farm machinery for the US market by AGCO.

Where can I find a white 2-155 tractor?

This White 2-155 Tractor is located near Belleville, KS. Call to drive and inspect this White Tractor. Extremely good sounding powerful 2-155 white that was a one owner tractor, engine has been overhauled but there is something wrong in the right axle area.

Where can I find a 1982 White tractor?

1982 White 2-155 Tractor Field Boss, Diesel, 1000 PTO, 18.4-R42 Rear Tires, Hours are unknown. This White 2-155 Tractor is located near Belleville, KS. Call to drive and inspect this White Tractor.

Can a PTO be removed from a tractor?

New tractors are overly complicated and too hard for a bottom feeder sort of farmer to repair. My 2-155 and 2-135 are a little hard on fuel usage but are easy to work on and have a 3-spd power shit and PTO that you can remove without having a degree in tractor mechanics and a full featured shop.