How much does the Scag Turf Tiger cost?

How much does the Scag Turf Tiger cost?

New SCAG Turf Tiger II 72, 37HP Vanguard EFI, 72″ Cut, Fab Deck, MSRP $16,139.

How much does a Scag Tiger Cat 2 cost?

New SCAG Tiger Cat II 61, 61″ Cut, 26HP Kawasaki, MSRP $11,000. 3 Year/500 HR Non-Commercial Warranty or 2 Year Commercial Warranty.

How much is a 61 inch Scag mower?

Huge Power, Up To 37 HP

Model Description MSRP
STTII-61V-31DFI 61″ Velocity Plus™ Cutter Deck, 31 HP Kawasaki® FD851D – digital fuel injected, liquid-cooled engine $18,445
*STTII-61V-35BV *61″ Velocity Plus™ Cutter Deck, 35 HP Briggs Vanguard™ BIG BLOCK™ *$14,519

Where is SCAG made?

We punch, press, bend, cut, weld, paint, assemble, package and ship our mowers, and we do it all in our three factories in Mayville, West Bend and Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. Scag makes Scag mowers; nobody else makes them for us… and we do not make mowers for other companies.

How fast is a Scag Tiger Cub?

12 MPH
Speeds Up To 12 MPH.

How long does a SCAG last?

2,000+ hours is a reasonable estimate, with replacement of common wear parts of course – tires, belts, pulleys, bushings/bearings etc.

How big is a SCAG Bagger lawn mower?

Our Scag bagger includes our commercial blower that adds up to 12 inches in width to your mower. The wide 7 inch tube allows for a smooth flow of leaves from your deck into the container system. Check out our PV18 Scag bagger in action!

What kind of Mower is SCAG Tiger Cub?

Scag Tiger Cub Commercial Zero Turn Mower ; 48″ deck. Model # SMTC-48V SN: C7001442 Clean machine. Runs & operates. No hour meter. 2006 SCAG TIGER CUB ZERO TURN MOWER, 61″ COMMERCIAL DECK, 23HP VANGARD ENGINE – ONLY 30HOURS ON NEW ENGINE, FOLDABLE ROPS, TURF TIRES, DUAL FUEL TANKS.

Where to buy SCAG zero turn lawn mower catchers?

Buy original Scag grass catchers for zero-turn, three-wheel, and walk-behind mowers. Get fast shipping and low prices! Not for Sale. Not for Sale.

How do you remove a 3 bag grass catcher?

After the initial installation, the entire 3-Bag Grass Catcher (GC-3B) assembly can be removed and reinstalled in just minutes without any tools. Just pull three quick-pins, release the belt and lift it off.