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How much does it cost to park on OSU campus?

How much does it cost to park on OSU campus?

Ohio State is one of the largest college campuses in the country. With 16 parking garages and 188 surface parking lots, there are a lot of parking options….Visiting the Academic Campus?

Length of Stay Rate
2 Hours $8.00
3 Hours $11.25
4 Hours $14.50
Daily Max $16.25

Can you have a car on campus as a freshman at Ohio University?

Transportation & Parking Services welcomes students to campus. Several permit options are available to meet student parking needs. Ohio University boasts a pedestrian friendly campus offering transportation solutions connecting users to campus, local and regional travel destinations.

Can freshman at OSU have a car?

Even though you cannot have a car on campus as a freshman, there are free ways to get around campus or around Columbus. There is also bike sharing, car2go, and car rental services sponsored by Ohio State University.

Can freshmen bring cars to OSU?

Can freshmen bring cars on campus? Yes, all students are allowed to bring cars to campus. Please note, each student must purchase a parking permit through OSU’s Parking and Transit office to park on campus.

Are there parking garages on the Ohio State campus?

CampusParc offers garages and surface lot parking across Ohio State’s campus. Use the garage finder below to filter garages by academic or medical campus, or enter an address to see the garages closest to your destination.

Is it illegal to have a pet on the OSU campus?

Campus police can issue a $500 District Court citation for persons illegally parking in handicapped spaces. For reasons of health and safety, pets are not permitted on the OSU Institute of Technology campus or in residence halls. Only service animals or therapy pets will be allowed on campus.

Where do I pick up my osuit parking permit?

Register for your OSUIT parking permit online at after on-line registration please visit the campus police dispatch office located in the Workforce Oklahoma building between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm Monday through Friday to pick up your parking permits.

Can a car be junked on OSU campus?

Abandoning and/or junking vehicles on the OSU Institute of Technology campus is prohibited. Any vehicle determined to be abandoned, junked, or non-operational will be towed and stored at the owner’s expense after a reasonable effort has been made to contact the owner.