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How much does a Purple Nintendo 3DS cost?

How much does a Purple Nintendo 3DS cost?

Nintendo 3DS Midnight Purple Nintendo 3DS

Loose Price Add shipping
Site Price
PriceCharting $124.41
Amazon $175.00

Is there a purple 3DS?

The Midnight Purple Nintendo 3DS, offered at a suggested retail price of $169.99 in the United States, becomes the fifth color in the always-stylish Nintendo 3DS color palette, joining Cosmo Black, Aqua Blue, Flame Red and Pearl Pink.

Are 3D colors free?

3D’s robust free drawing system and unique ability to let anyone create their own three-dimensional artwork more than make up for this.”

How many 3DS colors are there?

two colors
At launch, the Nintendo 3DS was available in two colors: Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black. Other colors were publicized, but did not initially make it to the market. Some others have hit the market through the 3DS’s lifespan.

What is the rarest 3DS system?

To see 10 of the rarest limited edition Nintendo DS consoles, keep reading!

  • 5 25th Anniversary Legend of Zelda 3DS ($488)
  • 6 Galaxy Nintendo 3DS XL ($339)
  • 7 Pikachu 3DS XL ($330)
  • 8 McDonald’s Edition Nintendo DSi ($499)
  • 9 SNES Edition 3DS XL ($799)
  • 10 Happy Home Designer 3DS LL ($314)

How much is a DS worth today?

How much is a Nintendo DS worth today? The original Nintendo DS sells for $36 on average, based on recently sold eBay listings. The redesigned DS Lite, however, goes for $48 on average, while the DSi and DSi XL – the DS line’s final revisions – sell for $39 and $64 respectively.

What colors are 3d?

Anaglyphic color channels

Scheme Left eye Perceived color
Trioscopic pure green color (better reds, oranges and wider range of blues than red/cyan)
ColorCode 3-D amber (red + green + neutral grey) color (near full-color perception)
magenta-cyan pure magenta; i.e, red + blue color (better than red-cyan)

When did the pink 3DS come out?

The Nintendo 3DS will officially be available in pink for US customers as of February 10th, at the standard $169.99 price point.