How much does a D9 dozer weigh?

How much does a D9 dozer weigh?

Blade – Universal

Blade Capacity (SAE J1265) 21.7 yd³ 16.6 m³
Ground Clearance at Full Lift 56 in 1422 mm
Maximum Tilt 39.9 in 1014 mm
Blade Weight 12016 lb 5450 kg
Total Operating Weight* (with blade and single-shank ripper) 111362 lb 50513 kg

What dozer does the army use?

The T-9/D7R-II medium dozer is used to build and maintain air and ground lines of communication such as airfields and main supply routes, which enhances infrastructure and force protection for the warfighter.

How heavy is a D11 bulldozer?

248,500 lb
Caterpillar D11

Caterpillar D11T
Length 35.8 ft
Width 10.4 ft (track) 22 ft (blade)
Height 14.9 ft (top of stack)
Weight 248,500 lb (112,717.8 kg) (operating weight)

How much can a D10 push?

The Cat D10 could be ordered with up to a 19-foot (5.8 m) U-blade, and weighed in at 180,000 lb (82,000 kg). Later versions weighed in at 190,000 lb (86,000 kg). The U-blade was 7 feet (2.1 m) high and could push 35 cu yd (27 m3) according to Caterpillar’s literature.

How much dirt can a bulldozer move in a day?

So in an hour it can move 90 cubic yards, or 900 cubic yards per day.

Do bulldozers have bulletproof glass?

The operator and commander are protected inside an armored cabin (“the cockpit”), with bulletproof windows to protect against bombs, machinegun, and sniper fire. The modified D9 bulldozers can be fitted with disparate features, such as crew-operated machine guns, smoke projectors, or grenade launchers.

How much weight can a bulldozer pull?

You can expect an average bulldozer weight to be about 17,400 pounds (7,893 kg) for a small dozer. This is about 6 times the weight of an average car….7 Example Bulldozer Weights.

Bulldozer Model Average Operating Weight
CAT D3K2 17,465 lbs (7,922 kg)
Komatsu D39PX-24 22,817 lbs (10,350 kg)

What is the biggest cat dozer made?

Caterpillar D11T CD
What’s the biggest CAT dozer made? Caterpillar D11T CD is the biggest dozer ever made by Caterpillar to this day. It weighs 112.72 t, it is equipped with a 695 kW / 913 HP powerful engine and a blade with a capacity of 27.2 m³.

How big is a Caterpillar D9 armored bulldozer?

The Caterpillar D9 dozer can easily tow main battle tanks and other combat vehicles that weight more than 70 t. This armored bulldozer is operated by driver and commander. There are two entry doors at the front of the cab. Also there is emergency exit door at the rear.

What kind of vehicle is the D9R Dozer?

Self-protection on the Israel Defence Forces’ military vehicle. The Armoured D9 Dozer provides high level of ballistic protection to match customer-defined threat levels. “D9R Dozer is an armoured variation of the Caterpillar D9 track-type tractor, designed and manufactured by Caterpillar.”.

How big is a D9 Dozer winch drum?

D9 Dozer Specifications Winch Winch Model PA 140VS Weight* 1790 kg 3,950 lb Oil Capacity 15 L 4 gal Drum Width 320 mm 12.6 in Wire Cable Diameter Recommended 28 mm 1.13 in Optional 32 mm 1.25 in Maximum Drum Capacity Recommended Cable Length 78 m 257 ft Optional Cable Length 62 m 204 ft Wire Cable Ferrule Size – Outside Diameter 60 mm 2.4 in

How much weight does an armored bulldozer have?

It is claimed that overall weight of the machine increased by 6 000 kg, but it has no effect on the overall performance. Armored cab provides protection against small arms fire and artillery shell splinters. Some sources claimed that IDF bulldozers withstood massive IED explosives and even deflected RPG rounds.