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How much does a 28 enclosed car trailer weigh?

How much does a 28 enclosed car trailer weigh?

Weight: Empty Weight” 4000 lbs. Tongue Weight: 630 lbs. Payload Capacity: 6400 lbs with a 5200 lb Axles.

What size enclosed car trailer do I need?

If a collectible car is your payload, you’ll need a trailer that’s at least 8 ½ feet wide and 16 feet deep, with double axles, while a farrier may find a 5-foot wide, single-axle enclosed trailer is right-sized for the tools of her trade.

How much weight can a 28 foot trailer hold?

Triples – a tractor and three short trailers (usually 28 feet) – maximum weight up to 110,000 pounds.

How much does a 24 enclosed trailer weigh?

Tandem-Axle Trailers with 3500-, 5200- and 7000-lb. Axles

Size Empty Weight Payload Capacity 7000 lb.
8.5 x 18 3000 11000
8.5 x 20 3200 10,800
8.5 x 22 3400 10,600
8.5 x 24 3600 10,400

What does a 7×16 enclosed trailer weigh?

7×16 Enclosed Trailer Weight: 2,260 pounds (empty)

How much does a 28ft enclosed trailer cost?

AMERICAN MADE [email protected] LIKE NEW, Pickup in Long Island CityQUALITY BRAND “DIAMOND CARGO” ON 8″ TUBE FRAME.NO HYPE & NO HIDDEN FEES. $5,500 Out The Door8.5 X 28 ENCLOSED CARGO TRAILER With 5200 Lb Axles 10,400 Gross28 ft Box, Plus V-Nose NOTICE: 10 THINGS YOU NEED TO LOOK FOR IF YOU SEE A LOWER PRICE.1.)

How big is a 28ft enclosed RV?

The dimensions are approximately 8.5 x 28′. It has a white exterior and plywood interior and comes with a spare tire. All exterior lights are in great working condition and brake lights are LED. Trailer also has a ramp door.

Is there a 28 foot trailer for bikes?

This Brand New 28 Foot Cargo Trailer Is Perfect For More Than One Car Or A Lot Of Bikes! 100% All Tube Frame. Our 100 % All Tube Frame is 300 Times Sturdier Than The Average Trailer! Financing Available!

How big is an 8.5×28 car trailer?

8.5×28 Enclosed Car Trailer. Buy wholesale trailers today. “Standard Features” on 8.5 x 28 trailer. Breakaway switch & batt. Recommended upgrades to consider.