How much do chainrings cost?

How much do chainrings cost?

Chainrings range in price from $15 to $200. The $15-$50 price range has all types of granny rings, middle rings, and single ring models to choose from. This price range offers great replacement parts from trusted brands.

Can I buy any chainring?

Largely speaking, yes. As long as your attempting to replace them with a chainring(s) designed to work with your chainset. Your cranks will have a specific bolt layout or fitment spec so you can’t just fit a BMX chainring to your triathlon bike.

How do I choose chainrings?

Figuring what type of trails you plan to ride for MTB and gravel bikes is important. Same goes if you are riding up long climbs. You will be better off with a smaller chainring. But if you are road cycling and riding in mostly flat areas with short and steep climbs, it is recommend that a larger chainring is best.

How long should chainrings last?

A steady rider who stays on the big ring, keeps the drivetrain clean and doesn’t let the chain get too long before replacing it, and started with good quality components can get 60,000+ miles out of a chain ring.

How long does MTB chain last?

A typical mountain bike chain will last 750 miles of single track riding. It’s not easy to gauge exactly how long a chain will last, but there are ways to prolong the life of the chain.

What MTB chain should I buy?

Which brand of chain should you buy? For optimal performance, it’s recommended to match your drivetrain manufacturer (the most common are SRAM and Shimano) to the brand of chain. This isn’t vital though – as long as the chain is made for your number of gears, it should work.

Is a bigger chainring faster?

A higher/bigger gear will not make you go faster. (Before going any further, the basics of gearing are that the larger the front chainring, the higher the gear.

What size chainset do I need?

What chainset is best for me?

Rider Height Crank Arm Length
Less than 5’1″ 165mm
5’1″ to 5’7″ 170mm
5’7″ to 5’11” 172.5mm
5’11” plus 175mm

How often do you change chainrings?

My rule of thumb is to replace it at 75 per cent wear (as measured with a chain-wear indicator). If you stick with this guideline, your cassette and chainrings will last a lot longer. A cassette, in most cases, can last for approximately two to three chain replacements if they are done at the right time.