How much can you make with an MBA in Healthcare Management?

How much can you make with an MBA in Healthcare Management?

MBA in Healthcare Management Salary Healthcare administrative employees with an MBA earn a median salary of $65,000 (healthcare administrators), $56,000 (practice managers), $86,000 (director of operations) and $160,000 (CEOs). Salaries will vary regionally and in rural areas compared to big cities.

How much does someone with a healthcare management degree make?

According to, a bachelor’s degree in this field will earn an entry level student about $45,000 a year. While that may still seem mediocre to some, depending on the position and title, the salary of an employee with this degree could range anywhere from $60,000 to $90,000 per year.

Who makes more money healthcare administration or Healthcare Management?

In general, healthcare management and healthcare administration offer comparable salary ranges. The average annual salary for healthcare management is just slightly higher than that of healthcare administration.

Do healthcare administrators make good money?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), professionals in healthcare administration roles typically earn about $104,000—not too shabby! That doesn’t tell the whole story, however. While the highest-paid healthcare administrators earn more than $195,000, the lowest-paid 10 percent earn about $60,000.

Are there alot of jobs in healthcare administration?

A healthcare administration career also offers the potential to earn high salaries, and has a strong career outlook! The BLS reports a 32% job growth outlook, which is much faster than average.

Why to earn a MBA in healthcare administration?

Earning a Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Administration can be beneficial in many ways. The skills and knowledge gained can prove invaluable in a variety of exciting careers merging the fields of business management and healthcare.

What jobs can you get with a MBA in healthcare administration?

The types of jobs available with MBA in Healthcare Management include positions as healthcare administrators, medical managers, CFOs and health information mangers working in hospitals, substance abuse centers and other medical facilities.

What can you do with a MBA in healthcare administration?

With an MBA in Health Administration, you can become an administrator or assistant administrator of a physicians’ group practice. In this setting, administrators work closely with the physicians to plan and implement policies and procedures.

What is the average salary of a health care manager?

As of May 2019, the average annual salary for healthcare managers was $115,160 per year ($54.68 per hour) nationally, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Keep in mind this median value is not a typical starting salary you can expect straight out of school.