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How much are AKC Chihuahuas?

How much are AKC Chihuahuas?

The average price of Chihuahua puppies taken from professional breeders ranges from $500 to $1,500. However, these costs are subject to change considering factors such as breeder location and reputation. A more expensive breed is the very tiny Teacup Chihuahua, which costs about $2,000.

Are Chihuahuas recognized by AKC?

Breed Traits & Characteristics The Chihuahua was recognized as a breed by the AKC in 1904.

How much are purebred Chihuahuas worth?

On average, the price of Chihuahuas can vary anywhere from $100 for an older dog with no papers to as much as $1,300+; however, if you were to adopt a puppy from a reputable breeder, then it’s best to budget about $450 to $1,300, with females costing a few hundred more than males.

How much do purebred Chihuahuas cost?

Chihuahuas are pretty popular, so it isn’t difficult to find breeders that specialize in them. In general, the average professional breeder sells their puppies for about $800. Specialized puppies, like “teacup” Chihuahuas, usually cost extra. You can typically find puppies in most areas for around $375 – $2,420.

What is a micro Chihuahua?

Teacup Chihuahuas are pure-bred Chihuahuas that are smaller than average. They aren’t technically their own breed or anything of that sort. Instead, they are tiny Chihuahuas that are marketed as “teacup” or “micro.” Usually, these dogs are only about 6″ tall when full grown and weigh around 3 pounds.

What is a group of Chihuahuas called?

A Chatter of Chihuahuas Get a group of Chihuahuas in one room, and that chatter will have a whole lot to say.

Where can I buy a Chihuahua in Texas?

BonBon Chihuahuas has AKC Chihuahua Puppies for sale, in Houston Texas. We are the number one rated chihuahua breeder for the entire state of Texas. We look forward to matching you with your perfect chi puppy. This is the best place to find information about AKC Chihuahua Puppies.

How old is the chihuahua puppy in Houston?

… is male chihuahua pup. Hes almost 7 weeks old. He had received de-wormer and a 5 in one shot. Dappv shot. Hes lovable and… more

Where do the best quality Chihuahuas come from?

The highest quality chihuahua puppies are going to come from loving homes where they are exposed to children & household noises. Our chihuahua puppies are handled multiple times a day and are used to having their nails clipped and being held on their back, like a baby.

What kind of dog looks like a Chihuahua?

We specialize in chihuahuas that actually look like a chihuahua. All puppies are cute, but when they are full grown, they should look like the breed standard. With both long and smooth coats, our puppies are registered AKC.