How many levels are in Kingdom Rush Frontiers?

How many levels are in Kingdom Rush Frontiers?

Fifteen Levels are featured in the main Campaign. Six of the first environment, five of the second and four of the third. The four basic Towers remain the same as Kingdom Rush, but are re-skinned.

How do you unlock more levels in Kingdom Rush?

These levels require the Premium Content to play (on the Flash version), or are all unlocked when The Dark Tower is beaten(Steam Version). Five of the levels are part of mini-campaigns, and unlock new levels after they have been beaten.

How many stages does Kingdom Rush have?

18 levels
There are 18 levels in total and 48 different types of enemies that one will encounter throughout the levels. Completing a level for the first time gives the player 1-3 stars.

Who is the best free hero in Kingdom Rush Frontiers?

The best heroes are Oni for the original Kingdom Rush, Alric for Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, Phoenix the Eternal Bird for Kingdom Rush: Origins, and Doom Tank for Kingdom Rush: Vengeance.

Is Kingdom Rush hard?

Levels in Kingdom Rush, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, and Kingdom Rush: Origins can be played in one of three difficulties: Casual, Normal and Veteran (Easy, Normal and Hard on Flash). The default difficulty is Normal in Kingdom Rush, but it can be selected in Frontiers and Origins.

Who are the Parasytes in Kingdom Rush Frontiers?

Parasytes are mysterious aliens inhabiting the jungle stages in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers. They appear to have come to the planet by the crashed spaceship in the Lost Jungle . These creatures lay eggs inside their victims, which later spawn horrible monsters.

Where to get achievements in Kingdom Rush Frontiers?

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Are there any elite levels in Kingdom Rush?

There’s no Elite levels on the Flash version. These levels are part of the original release of the game and must be unlocked one after each other. These levels are all unlocked when Shrine of Elynie is beaten.