How many floors are there in Mukesh Ambani house?

How many floors are there in Mukesh Ambani house?

27 floors
Mukesh Ambani’s Antilia was designed by Chicago-based architects Perkins and Will, with the Australian-based construction company Leighton Holdings taking charge of its construction. The building comes with 27 floors, replete with extra-high ceilings. Every floor is the same height of an average two-storeyed building.

What is the Speciality of Mukesh Ambani house?

It is the residence of the Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani and his family, who moved into it in 2012; at 27 stories, 173 metres (568 ft) tall, over 37,000 square metres (400,000 sq ft), and with amenities such as three helipads, air traffic control, a 168-car garage, a ballroom, 9 high speed elevators, a 50-seat …

What is Ambani house name?

Reliance’s Mukesh Ambani owns the second most expensive house in the world as his residence Antilia ranks right after the Buckingham Palace.

How long did it take to build Antilia?

Antilia may be the most extravagant house ever made. The opulent residence that completed a four-year construction process in early 2010, was designed by American-based architects on 48,000 square feet of land in downtown South Mumbai.

How many employees does Ambani house have?

600 servants
Mukesh Ambani’s Antilia lives in this expensive house. About 600 servants work in the 28 storey house.

Is there any AC in Antilia?

Rich people generally might centralise air-conditioning in their homes to beat heat, but not Mukesh Ambani. Antilia has a special ‘Snow Room’, where artificial snowflakes are pumped into it all the time, whether it’s occupied or not.

What is the height of Antilia?

173 m

What eats Ambanis?

Dinner Together, Always Talking about their dinner menu, Nita Ambani shared that Mukesh Ambani prefers having bajra rotlas, lasoon chutney, daal and onion sabzi. Talking about herself, she shared that she prefers two gheeless theplas.

How tall is the House of Mukesh Ambani in Antilia?

The house is built over a 49,000-square-foot plot and extends to a height of 550 feet. Ceilings of several floors at Antilia are double-heighted, thus making its height approximately equal to the height of a standard building of 45 floors.

How much is the net worth of Mukesh Ambani?

Mukesh Ambani has been the flag-bearer of India’s billionaires from quite some time now, and with his current net worth valuing at US $50 billion, the dethronement is least likely. One of the testaments to his super-rich status is Antilia, the 27-story home of the Ambani family.

What kind of food does Mukesh Ambani eat?

Ambani members are the vega, they consider healthy food and non-alcoholic drinks. They prefer wine only during cocktail hours. The Ambani members prefer to stay at the top of the floor as they require sunlight. As shown in the above image, the room at the top is decorated with a rustic and traditional look.

How did the Ambani mansion get its name?

Two design motifs—the sun and the lotus—are repeated throughout the mansion in rare materials like crystal, marble, and mother-of-pearl. The Ambanis are vegetarians and teetotalers, and only serve wine during cocktail hours. Meals are vegetarian and alcohol-free. The home is named after a mythical island in the Atlantic Ocean.