How many E36 M3 lightweights were made?

How many E36 M3 lightweights were made?

126 E36 M3 Lightweights
A rare racer Because only 126 E36 M3 Lightweights were produced, this special homologation edition deserves legitimate rarity status.

Is E36 M3 rare?

The dark green E36 you see here is the exceedingly rare GT version, which sports a whole host of upgrades that only the true E36 fans will notice. Just 346 examples were produced making this one exceedingly rare beast.

When was the last E36 BMW made?

The BMW E36 is the third generation of the BMW 3 Series range of compact executive cars, and was produced from 1990 to 2000. The initial models were of the four-door sedan body style, followed by the coupe, convertible, wagon (“Touring”), hatchback (“Compact”) and the rare BAUR TC4 body styles in later years.

How much horsepower does a BMW M3 E36 have?

BMW E36 3 Series Coupe M3 Engine Technical Data
Compression Ratio : 10.8
Maximum power – Output – Horsepower : 286 PS or 282 bhp or 210 kW @ 7000 rpm
Maximum torque : 320 Nm or 236 lb.ft @ 3600 rpm
Drive wheels – Traction – Drivetrain : RWD

What does a 1999 BMW M3 weigh?

3,175 to 3,494 lbs
1999 BMW M3/Curb weight

How much does a 1995 M3 weigh?

3175 lbs.
Used 1995 BMW M3 Specs & Features

Curb weight 3175 lbs.
Height 52.6 in.
Length 174.5 in.
Wheel base 106.3 in.

Are E36 M3 going up in value?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, I’m going to pull a Babe Ruth and call the home run. The E36 M3, while it will never reach absurdity levels seen in E30 M3 prices, is going to peak in value within the next three to five years. This makes their target market wide, their demand high, and their prices climb.

What is the rarest M3?

And whereas BMW built 135 examples of the GTS, the automaker constructed only 67 M3 CRTs in total, making this one of the rarest M3s ever produced. One of those 67 CRTs has popped up for sale on Pistonheads with an asking price of £124,995, or around $155,000 at today’s exchange rate.

When did the BMW E36 M3 come out?

The BMW E36 was manufactured from 1990 through 2000. The E36 was available as a coupe, sedan, convertible, touring and compact (hatchback). The E36 M3 was the first 3 series to be fitted with a six speed manual transmission.

What are the production numbers for the BMW M3?

Below is the BMW E36 production data for all models, including the M3, for world wide production. Production numbers are broken down by model, chassis, drive train, engine type, world market and E36 M3 variants. The E36 production data numbers have been cross checked with multiple sources.

Where does the BMW E36 M3 VIN number come from?

This letter denotes where the vehicle was manufactured All E36 M3 models were manufactured in Regensburg, Germany. The last 6 digits are the sequential production numbers of the vehicle. Where can I learn more BMW fun facts?

Is the BMW E46 M3 a rare car?

How rare is it? Lets face it the BMW E46 M3 was one of the best cars produced by BMW, and owning one is something special in its own right. However not each E46 M3 is equal, as BMW produced several trims, some of them pretty rare.